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Sunday, September 9, 2018

August 2018

A high school junior, a college freshman, and a new puppy!

We moved Thomas into his dorm in early August where he spent 2 weeks in freshman orientation.  He is living on a co-ed floor with students in his major and he's made a lot of friends.  He's adapted very easily to college.  Move-in was a breeze (he's a guy) and only required one trip to Target and a couple of drop-offs of random other things from his room.

He came home the following weekend and again over Labor Day so we feel like we see him a lot.  We also take him to dinner when we're in Indy.  He's doing really well.

One on visit home we went on a quick trip to Stream Cliff Farms where he had not been in 9 years. 
Brennan started his junior year.  He is doing great, maybe a bit overwhelmed with so many AP classes, but he's got this.  In addition to school he is tutoring 3 high school students, on the handbell team at church, on the high school robotics team, is running regularly, and is taking a UMichigan computer science class for fun.  He's enjoying having a car to himself I think.

I did some biking in August.  This re-purposed bridge from another part of the county now makes its home on our People Trail.  What a pretty bridge!

John, Erin, Amber and I went to see "Clueless" at the Art Craft Theater in Franklin.  Such a fun night!

For our Wine Club in August we had a Pontoon Key West night with Charlie and Jayne, Roger and Jan as our hosts.  Perfect weather and yummy food.

We celebrated Cindy and Eric's big trip to Paris with a surprise Paris party.

At the annual meeting I completed my 6 year board of directors term for the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic.  It was an awesome experience.  I will still be involved, just without board responsibilities!

 My team at work toured the child development center's outdoor experience area - it's truly incredible with tons of play areas that are designed to teach children about rolling down hills, looking for bugs, playing in the dirt, and playing even in the rain - all the things kids don't really do any more.  Then we played with the under-one year olds for a couple of hours.  So much fun!

The dogs are doing great.  Working on potty rules with Remy but he's getting there.  The dogs play rough together, but they are also friends.  They share food, toys, and Mommy.

Remy's first trip to the groomer.  Not that excited.

Cute little underbite

Bailey before his much-needed trip to the groomer!

They love Brennan!

In addition to all this fun family time, I went on a weekend trip to Maine with 6 girlfriends.  We did ALL the sightseeing imaginable on the Mid-coast of Maine which I LOVE.  Those photos are all over facebook, Instagram, and snapchat so I'll spare you.  We had a ball.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

July 2018

After our great trip to Costa Rica over the 4th of July holiday, our month just kept getting better and better. 
I went on a few fun walks with friends throughout the month.  Here's a photo I took on one.  We have such pretty parks and People Trails locally.

Campaign season is in full-swing with the election not until November.  We helped Dale Nowlin's campaign at the county fair on a very hot July afternoon.  Here I am with my friend, colleague, and local city councilperson Elaine!
David and the boys were a big help, blowing up balloons, handing them out, entertaining the children who came to the tent.  David ran and got us ices because, did I mention it was HOT?

Gina, my amazing florist friend, pulled together an "Office" tv show trivia team for a local trivia night.  We had so much fun!

Gina and Violet in their Schrute Farms and Dunder Mifflin gear.

Had a great night with Jayne, Cindy, Laura, and Kelly at Henry's!

And then Girls Trip #1 to see the Indigo Girls at The Ryman in Nashville!  What a fun couple of days including a stop at the amazon/Zappos outlet off I65, and Reese Witherspoon's flagship store Draper James.
 Violet, Cindy, Laura, and Me

I saw the Indigo Girls in 1989 in a field at Ole Miss, and again in 2018 at the Ryman in Nashville.  I love the Ryman.  My favorite venue.
Laura and me and a guy we don't know :)

Cindy outside the Ryman

Our family of 5 went out for dinner to celebrate mine and David's 30th date anniversary - July 15, 1988.  Wow, that's a long time!

We all studied up for "Parks and Recreation" trivia with Cindy & Eric and Violet & Todd.  We didn't win but we were the best dressed and we had so much fun!  #byebyelilsebastian

Erin is amazing.  We enjoyed Tapas and Tunes and Hotel Indigo including Lavender Prosecco.  We had not caught up in quite awhile.  I like to think whenever we're together, we're back at Sundance.

Wine Club at John and Ginger's.  A garden party of Rose wine and plant-based dishes.  It was a really fun evening!
I was thrilled to see Laura Benanti at the Cabaret at the Commons.  She is an incredible soprano and is absolutely hilarious.  She put on a fun show with beautiful music including her accompanist's Bach/Dolly Parton mix!

And, the most amazing part of our July - we added to our family!  After the Cabaret we saw Ashley and friends outside Taku.  Ashley takes care of Bailey when we travel and they are CARE parents.  They had recently taken in a number of dogs and were looking for good homes.  We fell in love with Remy.  While Thomas and David visited family in Mississippi, Brennan and I "test drove" Remy at home with Bailey.  It's a match and we're thrilled to have him in our family.  He's about 5 months old now and is a poodle mix.  Probably a maltipoo like Bailey.  He's very snuggly and very good-tempered. 

Day 1 with us

Remy and Bailey
 Bailey's not so sure why Remy keeps wanting to snuggle.

"What the heck, Mom?"

Going on an outing

Thomas returned from MS and met Remy for the first time.  Love at first sight!
And now I live in a house with 5 guys!

And now August includes College, Puppy Kindergarten, Maine, Running, Biking, and 11th Grade!