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Thursday, February 9, 2017

January 2017

 Oh, this snow in the first picture was a distant memory, until we got another snow last night that is still lingering this afternoon.  Hard to believe that 2 days ago it was in the low 60s!

January is now a blur as Daddy returned home from Saudi Arabia, we celebrated birthdays, and I attended the Sundance Film Festival and saw myself in one of the movies!  Really, could not have asked for a better start to 2017.

I wasn't so sure about leading an architecture tour (a portion of which is outdoors) in 2* weather, but it turned out to be a beautiful day and I had guests willing to brave the elements to see the beautiful sites. 

We've been hosting a lot this year, starting with my evening book club - the Litwits.  I made "pink fizzy drinks" to discuss "Big Little Lies" (the drink from the book).  This was not a winner of a drink, but we had a great discussion! 

David and I attended "Dancing with the Stars - Columbus Style" to support friends who were performing this year.  It's a great fundraiser for very important programs in our town.

Kelly did a great job!  This year's theme was "the movies".  Kelly and her partner ballroom danced and their theme was "Pretty Woman".  What a great night!

We had our annual Golden Globes pool wrap-up party with the boys.  Non-alcoholic grape juice for the boys, cava for David and me.  David was the big winner of the night.  He stomped us!

We had friends over for dinner, to catch up, and play some pool.  The 13 of us hadn't all been together in maybe a year.  It was great that all the kids (high school and college ages) could make it too.  Bailey had a great time barking his head off, and finally passed out next to Justin.

Brennan turned 15!  Now how is that possible?  We celebrated that morning with muffins and presents.  After school his friends came over for pizza and gaming, then we went to the Escape Room for a fun adventure (they escaped!) and then out for Orange Leaf.  Brennan's going to have a great year!  Studying for the driving permit test these days!

After the party Trevor spent the night.  HE turned 15 the next day.  These two.  From little 3 year olds in the shallow end of the pool to high school freshmen!

While the winter has been mild overall, it's been cold!  One afternoon we went bowling.  I won!

Thomas was out with friends one night and we introduced Brennan to "Best in Show" in honor of my spending time with Parker Posey in Sundance.  It was hilarious.  In honor of the movie we had "We met at Starbucks, but not the same Starbucks", "pepperoni sticks", and "stop naming nuts".  Brennan appreciated the humor of the movie, but still thinks "My Cousin Vinny" and "The Blues Brothers" were better.  We love our little theater room.

And Sundance.  I mean, really.  Sundance.  It was an awesome weekend, in part because we were celebrating Erin's 40th birthday while we watched the premiere of the movie "Columbus".  I mean.  Really.

We spent time touring Salt Lake City one day, and spent the entire day at Sundance in Park City on Sunday the 22nd. But first, we surprised Erin with a party at the hotel before heading to the festival.

Park City was beautiful and exactly as we hoped it would be - snowy, cold, and filled with talented movie makers.

We hosted the cast and crew dinner at a restaurant near the theater.

And then walked to the iconic Egyptian Theater for the premiere of "Columbus".  It was surreal to be there!  What a great movie.  Hoping distributors purchase it for wide audiences.  It was so special to be there!

After the premiere everyone stayed for the Question & Answer session with the cast, producers, and director/writer of the film.  It was touching and I learned a lot.

The after party, sponsored by Kia, was a blast.  Here are just a few photos from the wonderful wrap up!

Park City at 2 a.m.

The only down side to the weekend in Park City was that I missed Thomas's first formal.  He and friend Rissa went together and had a great time.  Our friends hosted photos, then they went to Upland Brewing Company for dinner with a group of friends, then to the dance itself.  They had a great time!

And somebody turned 3!  Bailey of course!

Finally, David and I went with a number of couples from church to see the Dueling Piano guys to raise funds for a local college's foundation.  We had a great night.  The music was terrific and it was nice hanging out with friends.

Hope you're having a great winter!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas 2016

Every year we are lucky to celebrate Christmas at least 5 times!  Christmas is when we travel south and get to see all of our extended families.  It's a ton of fun.  Santa is nice and comes early to Indiana so that we can have our own family Christmas too, with our own traditions.  It was a wonderful holiday this year, even my grandmother's passing.  It was good to be with family during this time.

Here Bailey is pouting because I'm eating my Subway in the front seat while he has to (gasp) sit in the back seat with his brothers.

This is my view for 90% of the trip south.

Grandma Nan got Brennan this very cool bird who balances on his beak.  Here there's a physics lesson happening.  Jeanne - recognize this sweater?  He's wearing it as I type too.  He loves that sweater you got him!

Bailey says "Dad, why are you holding another dog?"

Christmas Day lunch at the Rupps.  An absolutely wonderful meal!

Stella, Dexter, Ringo, and Bailey.  Did someone say TREAT?

4 exhausted puppies after Christmas gifts were exchanged. 

While in Canton, we got to meet the newest member of the family - Harper!  Such a sweet girl!

Jane Marie was Santa's helper, handing out gifts to all the kids with Thomas.

The day we celebrated Christmas, Charles Curren turned 2!  We had a little birthday party for him as well.  Notice the blue icing from the Thomas the Tank cookies?

Taylor and Brennan - the 15 year olds (well, Brennan is ALMOST!)

All the cousins - Elizabeth (15), Curren (2), Jane Marie (4), Thomas (16), Ellie (12), Brennan (14), Taylor (15), Harper (4 months), Sara Brady (17)

We did a cousins re-creation from 2005!
Brennan, Elizabeth, Sara Brady, Ellie, Taylor, and Thomas
So cute!!

We celebrated Christmas with my family in Jackson and Shelly made plans for us to burn off some Christmas calories at the trampoline place.  This is less than half of the building.  The kids had a blast.  Then several of us went to see "La La Land" while others watched football and took care of the dogs.

Natalie represented the kids for "La La Land".  Isn't she beautiful?

Our final Christmas was after my grandmother's service.  Bailey got to see his cousins Bandit and Sonny.  We must be a dog family!

And this is a precious that my grandmother would want me to frame for her if she were with us.  It's her great-grandchildren holding their 2016 ornaments from her.  For the past 13 years she has given the great grandchildren an ornament and of course from her with her name and the date. This year's were extra special of course.

December 2016

Of course December was a very full month for us!  Here are some highlights.
The boys had very good semesters in 11th and 9th grades!

Megan Hilty (who is expecting her second child) came to Columbus for the Cabaret at the Commons series.  She and her band performed a Christmas cabaret and she was fantastic!

Robin and I take a photo every year at the Visitors Center volunteer holiday party.  Always a fun event!

We're loving the theater room in our house.  I probably use it less than everyone else.  We chose "My Cousin Vinny" one night and I made dinner to fit the movie.  "Chinese Food" and "Shrimps" and "Grit".

Bailey continues to rule the house.  Everyone is wrapped around one of those cute paws.

Melanie, Erin, Erin, Amber, and I went to CafĂ© Batar before they closed for the winter.  Such a great time to go when it's all decorated for Christmas!

Brennan is the second banner holder in this photo from our local newspaper. The Christmas parade took place on a very chilly night!

Mary, Vanessa and I took a class at Pomp 'n Bloom - how to make a Christmas centerpiece.  Mine turned out pretty well I thought!  It was a fun evening.

Litwits (our evening book club) gathered at John and Erin's for a classic movie night instead of a December book night.  They have a fantastic theater room and Erin makes THE BEST popcorn.  Here's the adorable set up before we voted and chose our classic movie.

We watched "White Christmas".  It was an awesome evening, relaxing with friends during this busy month.

I led two evening Miller House tours in December.  They are very special tours and I love being a part of them. 

Thomas agreed to play John the Baptist in the children's Advent program at church in December.  He attended lots of rehearsals and did a great job!  He was funny and very poised.

A special treat to have Santa and Brennan at the Philharmonic's Christmas concert!

Snow Dog

On their way to see "Rogue One" on opening night.  Who's more excited?  Hard to tell.  They loved it.

David and I celebrated 24 years with dinner downtown!

Our wine club gathered for Christmas celebrations and Ginger and John's house.  They are making their own wine now, very cool.  So we tasted the three they currently have ready and which ever one we liked best, we took home as a gift.  Such a fun evening!

We also had a book exchange.  Ginger asked us to bring a gift that had an impact on our lives.  We drew numbers and then the giver told us why they chose that book.  It was meaningful and a lot of fun.

We gathered at the Courthouse on New Year's Even for Kelly's swearing is as Judge.  Very cool to be a part of this part of the political process.  I have a new appreciation for those who put themselves out there in order to better our communities.