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Saturday, February 2, 2019

January 2019

January started very calm and pleasant and ended with a bang of extreme cold.  We got to enjoy a 60 degree swing in the weather last month!

We ended our 13 week hiking streak with the dogs in early January, taking in a couple more hikes in Brown County State Park.

Brennan was installed as a youth deacon at church.  He'll serve for a year - this is a big step for him and we are so proud!

Walking into work one morning I saw this beautiful sky behind our courthouse.  I had to take a quick pick.

Bianca hosted the Litwits for our 70th book - "Driven" by Melissa Stephenson.  Such a beautiful read that takes place in two of my towns - Columbus and Athens, Ga.  We took a sugar cream pie because Indiana.  Bianca served an amazing meal and we had such fun discussing the book!

The first round of snow came in early January and Brennan and I built a snowman, with a little help.

I have wanted to play Bingo for years and friends and I went to the Moose on a cold Sunday and played!  It was a lot of fun.  I remember playing with my mom at the Officers Club in Germany when I was about 10.  

David and I joined friends to head to The Brick - local legendary spot for greasy burgers and American beer.  A fun night!

We took Brennan to Louisville for his 17th birthday!  I was so glad Thomas could join us.  We started at the Melting Pot where we enjoyed delicious fondues.  We had to take the leftovers to our hotel. 

David took the boys to Mega Caverns the next morning to zipline in the caverns.  It is probably a good thing I missed this - it may have been too much for me!

We had lunch at Taco Luchador, ice cream at the Comfy Cow palace and checked out Cave Hill Cemetery, the historical graves and Col. and Mrs. Sanders, and Muhammad Ali's.

We ended the trip at Flame Run where Brennan blew a glass ornament.  It turned out GREAT!

Bailey also had a birthday last month!  He is now 5 and had his first teeth cleaning, which was not his favorite outing.

He loves his blanket from Aunt Shelly and his new cow.

Finally we attended Dancing with the Stars - Columbus Style to cheer on our friends Ginger and Patrick who were competing against 8 other couples -all to raise funds for local children's charities.  Their dance was THE BEST and we were so proud of them!  Table 11! 

A quick pick of my friend Vinita the night of DWTS.  We've been friends for a long time and we never get to sit together at these events and just catch up!

We at thrilled that the negative degree weather has turned into 40s and 50s this weekend.  Hoping to get in another hike if at all possible!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December 2018

 December was a great month filled with lots of school work, holiday events, hiking, and our annual trip to Mississippi for Christmas!

Violet invited me to attend the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's Yuletide Celebration which I have heard about for years but had never attended.  It's such a special event.  I loved it and will wake the family next year!

Our Litwits discussion in December was at Barry and Leigh's newly remodeled home.  Mary outdid herself and made a bouche de noel.  It was as delicious as it was gorgeous!  We discussed "America's First Daughter" and had a great time talking about holiday traditions in our group.

Two friends from church (Jodi and Tracy) set up a trip to my favorite little holiday cafĂ©, Batar.  It was decked out for the season and the food was as delicious as always.

Our Cabaret crew had a terrific time seeing Tony-award winner Norm Lewis at the Cabaret at the Commons.  Oh my gosh he was fantastic and so personable.  I need to listen to more of his music.  

After the Cabaret I took a couple of shots of our city tree this year at City Hall.  I LOVED the deer  and all the lights bouncing off the glass.  So pretty!

These boys had a busy month watching the UPS driver making his deliveries, always letting us know when he had stopped at our house!

Our wine club completed 8 years and 75 get togethers!  Mike and Mary hosted us for a holiday dinner and the food was amazing!  Roger led us in a toast to 8 years.

Charlie and Jayne led us in song

Missing a few but our annual holiday group photo.

I love the lighted holiday car display I bought this year.  

 The last 11 weekends in 2018 we hiked a new trail in southern Indiana every weekend with the dogs.  It was a lot of fun and I've got the hiking bug now.  The dogs absolutely love it and can't wait to go each weekend.

Thomas and I met Jeanne in Louisville to exchange Christmas gifts and explore a couple of new Louisville locations.  We went to a glass factory and made our own ornaments.  It was a lot of fun!

Here is the finished product that we picked up on our way to Mississippi.  We will hang our new ornaments next year!

We also went through Cave Hill Cemetery, an iconic tour in Louisville.  We say Colonel Sanders' and Muhammad Ali's graves.

 Amber invited me to join their Holiday Movie trivia team at 4th Street.  I got two hard questions right and unbelievably, our team won.  Fun night!

Our downtown alleys are taking care of by garden clubs.  I loved this one next to my hair salon.

Here we are dressed up for a night out with friends in Indy.  First, Meridian for dinner and the Butler University of "Book of Mormon".  Such a fun night with great friends.

It was Remy's first Christmas!  He didn't know what to make of it all but he waited patiently.

As always, Santa came early to Indiana so we could have our own Christmas a day before heading south for more Christmases.  Bailey is READY and is SURE there are treats under the tree for him.  (He was right)

 The Rupps hosted us for Christmas lunch and it was delicious.  

The Rushings hosted us Christmas evening and again, an amazing dinner!  We got to open stockings too!

We headed to Jackson for my family's extended Christmas at the Bretheim's.  We went for a catfish dinner and oh my gosh, it was good!

Natalie and I saw "Mary Queen of Scots" before Christmas dinner.  She's got a cute new haircut!  David and Thomas say "Aquaman".

And our final Christmas was hosted by Wade and Blair in Tylertown in their new home.  So great to see the extended family again.

We missed seeing the crew in Canton this year but it was a nice, relaxing trip and it was great to see everyone we did get to see.

Bailey and Remy really like their new blankets from Aunt Shelly.   

And I really love my gift from Thomas - our Mother's Day photo on acrylic with a metal stand.  

Brennan and I visited Wild Geese Bookshop in Franklin over the holiday weekend.  I've heard such great things about this independent store that has lots of fun events.  Such a sweet spot.

 Brennan asked for crochet hooks and yard for Christmas - he's into creating things right now!  He made this great bracelet by following instructions from a book he checked out at the library.  He's also playing with watercolors these days.

And that wraps up our terrific month.  Happy New Year!!