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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Thomas's Senior Portraits!

Thomas's senior portraits!
We took these last August but wanted to wait until closer to graduation to share them broadly.
So proud of our senior.

Senior Prom

Excuse me while I gush about Thomas's senior prom last night.  We had such a great time with all the festivities.  Prom is a big darn deal here.  It feels like the entire city comes out for it.  And since we are not sure if Brennan will want to go to his junior or senior proms, we enjoyed last night with the kids and our friends.
Thomas and Sydney have known each other for years from school, youth group at church, mission trips, cross-country, our neighborhood, and just hanging out with the same kids.  Because they are both drama-free kinds of kids and aren't dating anyone, they went as friends.
We started at the Visitors Center...



And headed to Large Arch.

Then to Irwin Gardens...


And the Cummins Corporate Office Building

 We headed to the parking garage roof to see the festivities from above...

 Then headed out to Spencer's house for group photos before the crew left for dinner.

We headed back into town for the best seats possible with Sydney's parents.  We had a great night, also Cinco de Mayo, waiting for The Promenade to Prom.

First is the parade down Washington Street with all sorts of vehicles including a Pontoon and the largest combine we'd ever seen.

Then the two block Promenade starts at 9:00.  It is incredible to see everyone out celebrating these kids!  Everyone goes to Prom it seems whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you go with friends or by yourself.  It's really incredible to see.

Walking the Promenade...
And some of Thomas and Sydney's friends.

And the first photo of the night, and maybe my favorite, brothers.

 Everyone made it home safely and had a wonderful time!