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Thursday, September 3, 2015

May 2015

Yeah! Up to May now!
With the Indy Mini right around the corner, we were all in training mode.
Here's David at our church's 5K fundraiser for our youth mission trip to the Dominican Republic.
He, Thomas, and Brennan ran the 5K.

I finished my longest training walk - 10 miles - injury free and within the time limit.  I was ready for the following week's Indy Mini (13.1 miles).  I was thrilled.

 The youth had their annual city-wide scavenger hunt where they do fun things in teams and take photos.  David was one of the drivers.  They'd had a ball.

The weekend of the Mini we went up to Indy to spend the night.
We hit the Marathon Expo (see how David signed the large banner, aw!)
And we went out to dinner before retiring to the hotel. 
Here are the guys, ready for the 5K! (Brennan's eating a granola bar)

And after their race.  They did great!

And here I am ready for the half-marathon, which I walked.
It started after the 5K ended.  By the time I was finished with 13 miles, the boys had showered, eaten, checked out of the hotel, and toured a museum.  It was a long, hot walk.

One of the highlights of the mini is the walking on the Indy 500 race course.  Honestly though, this was super hot - no shade and lots of asphalt.  Awesome experience though!

And me, right after the race, with my cool kids. 
Do you see how exhausted I am?
My FitBit that day about 1:00 p.m. tells the truth.  33,000 steps and over 15 miles.

We got to meet Jack!
Lora and Brent's new Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix.  He's a doll and he and Bailey are fast friends.

This was the boy who was petrified of dogs a year and a half ago! 
I attended another couple of 40th birthday parties.  Such fun! 

David and I helped get ready for and attend the Philharmonic Lobsterfest!  What a fun day!
My Lobster headband isn't showing up, but it's there :)

Mmmmm, the food is delicious and such a fun event!

And then, Memorial Day weekend.  David and the boys headed to Mississippi to see family, and I flew to Virginia to attend Lisa's and Jim's wedding.  Such a wonderful event and I'm so happy I got to be there.

The venue outside of Richmond was just gorgeous!
Before the wedding, I had a chance to see Renee!!! and tour Monticello.  I loved spending the day with her in a beautiful area of Virginia.  I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Before the wedding I toured Richmond as well.  I loved the group tour and lunch on the James River that we were set up with.  Richmond is a beautiful city.
State Capitol


And I have to close with a couple of silly Bailey photos.
Daddy's showing Bailey a squirrel out the kitchen window.  He's VERY interested.
After a trip to the park, Bailey is exhausted and snuggles up on the console of the car underneath a dishtowel I happened to have with us.  Silly boy!

Monday, August 31, 2015

April 2015

And now I'm up to April!
We had a fun Easter with friends, dogs, our annual 400+ egg Easter egg hunt, lots of great food, and the Easter bunny of course.

Headed into church for Easter service

My flower-of-the-month club flowers arrived just in time for a beautiful centerpiece for our Easter dinner table.

Bailey loves it when friends and other puppies come over to play.
Mike was a big hit because he knows just how to massage a shaggy puppy's neck.
Brennan's 7th grade band did an awesome job at the state meet!  There is our percussionist standing in the back left.

We went to Tri-State Artisans for a fun night of painting.

Here's mine about 90% done.  The painting for the night was called

David and Brennan built a fenced in area for Bailey.  It's been expanded since this photo and that dead apple tree is gone (thanks guys!).  Bailey used to go out front but runs after walkers/runners too often.  So now he has his own spot behind the house and this area is finally getting some use!

And unfortunately it was time for a serious haircut.
Bailey's "cotton candy fine" hair gets so many mats right near his skin.  I keep the top brushed, but it's not enough.  I think a couple of times a year, this is what he'll look like in the "after" shot.

He loved Brennan's "stick your nose in a book day" nose.

I got serious about the upcoming Mini Marathon in Indy and started walking some long walks on the weekends.  Here I am after my first 8 mile walk.  
Dobby the House Elf and his sock 
Thomas's Destination Imagination team competed at the regional tournament and did a great job. 
Their skit got lots of laughs.  Thomas had a great mentor and team.

The annual Youth Sunday program was so well done.  Thomas and Brennan helped write the skits, acted, sang, and made scenery.  It was a great service.

I had to get off the mower one day to capture this beautiful dogwood flower.

Our push mower finally quit on us so we replaced it with a new one.
David took the opportunity to take the old one apart with the boys and explain how it worked.
Pretty cool, Dad.