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Friday, December 4, 2015

November 2015

Well, let's start with the cutest November photo - Bailey got a new sweater.  His DADDY bought it for him so he could stay warm in the winter.  Bailey isn't a big fan of clothing so we'll see if he keeps it on for long, but he sure is cute! 

David and I were invited by retired friends in our architecture circle of friends to brunch at the country club one Sunday.  We had a great conversation with the varied guests they invited.  At this lunch I met the county historian/editorialist who wrote an article in the newspaper about some work I completed in 2015.  I wrote the story of our neighborhood - it's so interesting and the founders just moved this summer.  It was nice to be written about in the paper, and now we're going to publish the story into a book.  How about that.

Speaking of, here are the founders of the neighborhood we live in, Dr. Walt and Joan Able.  We went to dinner with them in November and got to see their new home (after 47 years in our neighborhood!)

And these are the gorgeous flowers they sent me for writing the history - their history actually.

I got to participate in Election Day festivities at one of our local hotels.  It was a great win for the two candidates I was there to support. 
Here is Thomas and friends from the Robotics Team at a demonstration last month.  Their new year really kicks off in early January and it'll be busy, busy for Thomas through April.

In town all seniors have to complete a Senior Project to improve our community.
They last months long and involve a lot of planning, fundraising, presentations, and you can't graduate without it :)
We have participated in several.  Brennan and I attended a really fun one in November - a Kitty Shower to raise funds for our Animal Care Center (our city's animal shelter).  We all took shower gifts that would benefit the cats at the shelter, and we sat in a circle just like at a bridal or baby shower, and passed around adorable, adoptionable kitties.  We had a great time and this young lady raised a LOT of supplies for the center.
My men walking into church one morning

Brennan played percussion with the adult choir one service.

Here are some of our youth shopping for Heart Tree presents (for local families in need this Christmas).

And every year the youth (and many parents) volunteer at the church to rake the leaves on the church grounds.  We supply donuts too, so it's greatly attended and the work is done within an hour!

We were sad to say goodbye to our interim pastor and his wife last month. 
During his last service, Thomas was asked to serve as Lay Leader and he did a great job.
Our final prayer goodbye to the Hills.  We'll be welcoming our new permanent pastor and his family later this month.

The Hills are from Wisconsin - they had a great time at our fun going away celebration for theme.  The "cheese" cake.

Lots of skits, roasts, and heartfelt tributes.  The youth know how Scott loves food.
 And Thanksgiving in Mississippi - our first year in years that we had enough time off school to go.
Donna and Jeffrey hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.  But it was all about the puppies this year!
Thomas and Ringo.
Thomas with Bailey, Dexter, Ringo, and Stella.  Obviously, treats are universal.

The cousins - Taylor (14), Thomas (15), Brennan (almost 14), Ellie (almost 11)

Bailey very much enjoyed getting to "go bye-bye" with us.  He slept on a pillow, covered with his blanket, on my lap the entire drive.  Spoiled.
Grandma's house is so cozy.

And finally, David's co-worker sent us this photo at the end of the month.  Thomas, working at the children's museum, helping their daughters up the climbing wall.  Thomas has earned 14 hours of training time on the climbing wall - 6 more and he can do work it solo.  He really enjoys his part-time job!

Hope you're enjoying the holidays!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mockingjay Marathon!

Mockingjay Part 2 came out last month and Robin and I had a great time celebrating!

I'm not sure that we are super fans of the book and movie series, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves last year when Part 1 came out.  When attended the 3 movie marathon at our local theater.

This year our local theater decided not to host a Hunger Games marathon (boo!), so we decided to have our own!
If I had been smart, I would have adjusted my calendar accordingly, but somehow it slipped past me.  Instead
of splitting up the 3 movies or 2 days and then gone to Movie #4 on opening night, we ended up seeing ALL 4 MOVIES on the same day!

Robin has a beautifully remodeled basement with a killer entertainment system.  We watched the first 3 movies IN STYLE.  Then we went to the theater for #4 (Mockingjay Part 2) and celebrated in a packed theater, where everyone clapped at the end.  A satisfying movie adaptation of the beloved trilogy.
Since Robin was hosting, I decided to take a couple of Katniss-inspired snacks.  Robin was concerned this meant roasted rabbit on a skewer or something, but I scoured the Internet for great ideas.  And the Internet did not fail me. 
I ended up with 17 (yes SEVENTEEN!) Hunger Games treats for us.  We had a ball!
So whether you're Team Peeta (like me)
or Team Gale (also sometimes like me)
you can follow these completely stolen copied ideas to host your own Hunger Games party!
First up, the drinks.
When Katniss goes to the capitol she tastes orange juice for the first time.

Punch inspired by Haymitch

And mint tea that Katniss and Peeta drink in the cave, that reminds her of District 12.

Along with the tea, Finnick's sugar cubes, of course.
A little bit of healthy stuff
District 11 (Rue's home) is the farming district -with crops and orchards.

Panera helped us out with salads inspired by the Capitol's favorite talk show host.

Peeta bread (get it, Peeta) with Prim's goat's cheese (Prim has a goat), and apples - like Peeta and Katniss ate in the cave.

And yummy blueberries that helped bring down the Hunger Games
And then the snacky stuff
From the first book, cornucopias
(P.S.  I hadn't had Bugles in 20 years.  They're still delish.)

Finnick wore a fish charm around his neck, and District 4 is known as the fishing district.

District 12 is the coal mining district.  Good thing it is Christmas season - this chocolate in the shape of coal was easy to find.

Peeta's family runs in the bakery in District 12, so we had some baked goods

Red Hots for the Girl on Fire

And cinnamon buns inspired by our favorite designer in the Capitol, Cinna
When Katniss leaves for the Hunger Games, Mr. Mellark gives her a bag with simple cookies inside.
And weapons to help us through the Hunger Games

And we enjoyed the last movie - and the wrap-up of a very fun day!

 See our Mockingjay pins?

 I'm blessed by Robin's friendship and her willingness to spend an entire day devoted to a love triangle and battle against evil in a dystopian world :)