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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YouTube Clip-of-the-Week

Name those movies!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Boys and Amelia

We are so thankful that our friend Kari recommended Amelia to us! She is taking care of the boys this summer and she is such a doll. The boys really love her. Amelia participated in the Fair pageant last night and was just beautiful.

Today she had to take my sweaty children (after two hours of tennis and park time) to a formal portrait sitting for the Fair. Poor girl.

This photo epitomizes Thomas. "What, there's a pretty girl in the room? Whatever. I'm playing with my DS." Ignore my stinky boys - isn't Amelia beautiful?

OK, and here they TRULY are!

Austrian Heuriger Night

My cooking club met on Saturday night and it was a family event this time. We had a wonderful Austrian Heuriger meal. A heuriger is a casual restaurant at an Austrian winery, where they tend to offer casual fare along with the house wines. As our friends are from Austria, it was a perfect chance to get together and enjoy a beautiful summer evening.

Our hosts served up wursts, cheeses, and lots of cold drinks. We all brought summer salads. We took this couscous salad. I originally planned to take Tabbouleh, but could not locate bulgur wheat, so went with couscous instead! It was really good and I'll make it again - but you can't tell from my fuzzy close up picture.

There was lots of swimming and playing for the kids. They had a really great time - the afternoon was so beautiful.

Our cooking club is made up of many cultures - Austrian, Mexican, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and good-old American. I've learned some wonderful dishes over the last year or so since we started.

I think the husbands enjoyed themselves as well - especially when the food was served.

Brennan in his natural environment

Andrea and Toyi

Mariana and Andrea

David and baby Luis

Magda and Angelina cooking our dessert - Kaiserschmarren. A delicious fruit and pastry treat that I'll definitely be making again soon at my house.

Dockett was part of the party - this is truly how I felt at the end of the evening.

A huge thank you to our hosts, Kari and Norbert, for a beautiful cooking club evening!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

June is already coming to an end

As per usual, I load up the boys' summer vacation on the front end with camps, Vacation Bible School, and lessons. And then I leave the second half completely open. It's nice to have a few weeks with nothing going on - giving the boys time to sleep in, have friends over, swim, and just plain enjoy the summer.

This month has been filled with a lot of fun activities. I just love this time of year, especially when the boys don't have school!

My favorite recent picture of Brennan - taken at Grandma Nan's and Grandpa Laroy's house last weekend

Swimming at home

Brennan's friend, Haley, is a great swimmer

The slide is always a huge hit

Swimming with Amelia at Donner Pool

We've had a lot of wildlife this year in the yard. Here's a guinea fowl that I'd never seen before. We also have a deer who likes the apples that fall off the apple tree.

Brennan takes his blueberry picking assignment very seriously and checks out our two large bushes everyday.

We had the Matthews, Whitleys, and Sullivans over to swim last week. With 9 kids all in the pool at once, it was a lot of fun to watch!

Brennan at VBS last week at First Presbyterian.

Brennan and Amelia at the VBS closing.

For Thomas's birthday Friday night we stayed in and had pizza, cupcakes, presents, and swimming.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday, Baby Boy!

We hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 100th Dr. Naugle!

Today is Dr. Naugle's 100th birthday. We were able to attend Dr. Naugle's 100th birthday reception while we were in Mississippi last weekend. It was such a nice afternoon and we got to see all of David's extended family!

The kids enjoyed the spread of food that the ladies from his church prepared for the party.

Nina spoke on behalf of the family. She did a great job. Dr. Naugle was so touched by the day. He kept saying it was the best day of his life!

Donna and David

Baby photo of Dr. Naugle on the left. Dr. Naugle, Mrs. Naugle and their son Andy in the frame on the right.

Christopher and the girls - Ellie (4), Taylor (7), Sara Brady (10), and Elizabeth (8)

What a happy Grandma!

Daniel and Christopher with the younger cousins

Daniel, Brennan, Thomas, and Christopher

Nancy and Joe

Carolyn and Ann Ross

Nina and Dr. Naugle

Dr. Naugle in his Dentist days

Bernie and Jeffrey

Allison and Bernie

A "talking to"

Dr. Naugle with the great grandkids and Nancy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

It was great to spend Father's Day weekend with our fathers! We took our parents and my grandmother out to Little Dooey's for dinner Saturday night. Nothing's better than Little Doey's bbq when we're in town (except maybe Oby's, or the sweet tea at Bulldog Deli, or the seafood pasta at The Veranda). On the link above, scroll down to the bottom and you'll see Herbstreit's take on Little Dooey's - an ESPN favorite restaurant.

David got some CD's and a book from the boys. He unfortunately had to spend all day Sunday driving, but we were all together at least!

I love this picture of the boys and their Grandpas!

Ironically, the cemetery where some of David's family is buried is across the street from the restaurant. We showed the boys some of the markers and then Grandma Carolyn showed the pictures of the family members back at their house.

Grandaddy James

Grandmother Pearl

David's Aunt Frances who died before he was born. Such a tragedy.

It was a nice weekend to spend with our families!