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Thursday, July 3, 2014

What I've Been Reading - July 2014

I realize it has been 7 months since I did a "What I've Been Reading" post.
I use goodreads.com for my books now, so if we're friends there, then this is all old news.
And if you're not on goodreads - get over there now and friend me!

Here are some books I've read this year that I would recommend.


I had photos taken on a pretty May afternoon for Father's Day.
David was traveling and I thought he would enjoy these photos for his special day.

Wanted to share them here too!

Brennan - 12
Thomas - almost 14
Bailey - 4 months

8th Grade Graduation

6th Grade Graduation 

Our cutie patootie who did not want to sit in this wagon

I have these electronically so if you want a print, just let me know!

June Photos!

June was a very full month, and a great month!  Here are some of the highlights!

We had two graduations in June!
Brennan graduated from Elementary School.
Here he is on his first day of Kindergarten and his last day of 6th grade!!

Thomas graduated from Middle School!
Here he is on his first day of 7th grade and his last day of 8th grade.

David and I attended Brennan's graduation ceremony with Grandma and Grandpa.
I loved these photos of the boys with their 6th grade teacher, Liz Stroh, after their 6th grade graduations.

Brennan with Grandpa and Grandma at Graduation

Brennan received a number of awards at graduation and Thomas did too at their Middle School awards ceremony.  He had perfect attendance and was the top reader for 8th grade and for the entire school.  I didn't even know they kept up with reading in Middle School, but apparently they do.  Thomas's photo will be on a plaque outside the school library in the Commons area.  Awesome!

We went out to dinner to celebrate the graduations.
The boys both got shirts from their new schools (middle school and high school - WOW!) and running watches.

We're proud of our graduates!

We enjoyed some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa, then Brennan left for his church mission trip to Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  

Saying goodbye to Grandpa.

A week later Thomas went on his first high school mission trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  It was an awesome experience for him and we're so proud that he worked so hard on the trip.

And Mr. Bailey.  What a sweet boy!  He's now 5 months.

We went out for a night time ice cream to celebrate the start of summer (June 21st).  

And you'll notice that David isn't in any of these photos!  That's because he's in Germany!  
Here we're showing Dad that we're taking his cars out so they don't sit too long in the garage.

Thomas got an iPhone for his birthday!  Here he is a few days before his big day.  We got his phone and a bite to eat next door so we could get it all set up.  So excited!

This is where Bailey sleeps in my car.  On the console between the two front sits, laying on my cloth purse.  He cracks me up.

Bailey and his BFF Abbie!

In addition to the band camp, the boys are both running with their schools' cross-country teams this summer, and Thomas has joined the local NASA-sponsored Robotics team.  Lots of driving for Mom, and I love it!

I got a new sun hat!

Brennan spent 3 weeks in Summer Band last month.
He spent 3 hours/day on percussion.
Here he is at the big elementary and middle school band concert.
He ended up performing in 2 of the 3 concerts - 17 songs.  
Well done!!

We took a very quick trip to Mississippi to see family.
With the boys' schedules this summer, we couldn't find a good time to go, so we made a good time and the boys only missed 4 events!
It's a busy time.

Here we are in Mississippi (see the magnolia).  Bailey had just had a bath and did GREAT in the car all the way down.  He also got two hotel stays on the trip.  Good job, Bailey.

Animal lover Ellie loved Bailey.  He loved meeting lots of family and we loved seeing Grandma's new house!

Grandma Carolyn made Thomas a birthday cake.  We actually traveled ON his birthday!

 Bailey and I stayed in my childhood bedroom.  Here he is with Monkey - my stuffed animal from when I was 1!

We had a great time visiting with everyone.  Here we are with David's side of the family before heading back to Indiana.

Taylor (12), Brennan (12), Ellie (9), Thomas (14), Bailey (5 months)

We got back to Indiana in time to do some grocery shopping and laundry and get Brennan packed up for his week of camp at Purdue!  Oh, my heart.

Here he is, looking very much like Dad.  Even wearing Dad's ballcap.

His dorm room at Purdue.  He's sooo proud!

Bailey on the last day of June.  He's looking so cute.  So Maltese.  The next day he got a major haircut and is all Poodle now.

I love him.

And, last day of June.  We had Thomas's big birthday party.
He wanted a very long swim party instead of a sleepover.
That worked. We grilled, we swam, we played video games, we sang songs, we made sundaes.
A great group of a dozen 14 year olds.

After clean up I was absolutely exhausted.
3 days in the car, emotional drop-off of Brennan at camp, and a big old birthday party.  Phew.

Bailey was feeling exhausted too :)

July should be a little calmer.  Looking forward to it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

May Photos

Well, let's start with Bailey!
I'm so behind on the blog - I think I'm happiest using facebook for photo sharing, but not everyone I love is on facebook, so I want to make sure I'm getting some photos on here as well.

This was taken when David got back from Germany on one of his recent trips.  I love my 4 men!

We had a neighborhood picnic and everyone brought their dogs it seems.  Brennan went from unsure to comfortable with dogs overnight it seems!

Bailey with his buddy Duke.

At the vet

Bath time...such a sad puppy

Bark Box treats from Aunt Shelly!
This is one happy puppy.
He started Puppy Kindergarten and is learning commands and socialization skills.  He's doing well and we get the report cards to prove it.

We attended a number of band concerts, choir performances, and school programs in May!

Here is Brennan singing in his final city-wide children's choir.

He did a great job!

 Thomas had just come back from an overnight party and was exhausted, but still attended his brother's concert. :)

The boys' teacher's husband ran for judge and we all helped with the campaign.
Unfortunately he came in second, but it was a great experience for all of us.

We took David to the new sushi/tepanyaki restaurant in town one night and had a great meal.

And Thomas had a ball on his 8th grade school trip to Washington, DC!

Brennan ran in his final city-wide Elementary Run.  Here we are at the park for the races.

Bailey photobombing!

A bunch of Brennan's classmates before the 6th grade race

Bailey is a true chick magnet.

Daddy's boy 

David and a friend ran in with Brennan in the final leg of the race.

I attended the Philharmonic's Lobster Gala to raise funds for our educational programs through The Phil. 
It was a great evening, and I only wish David could have been there.  My friend Lora went as my date

I hope you're having a wonderful June!