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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun Times

The new year has started out with tons of fun activities.
Here are a few that we've shared the last few weeks.
Our Wine Club got together to welcome Dave and Rosann's daughter Jocelynn Anne into the our little group.  Mary and Mike co-hosted with us and we had a great time catching up with everyone after the holidays.  I didn't take many photos, but wanted to share a few.

Jocelyn intently watching Mama
I thought Kroger did a great job arranging these flowers. 
I took in my simple vase and they made it look gorgeous!
We attending our local "Dancing with the Stars" event where local celebrities pair up with dance teachers and help raise funds for children's programming in our city.
This was our first time to attend and cheer on friends, neighbors, and (as it turns out) two of our principals!
The hotel ballroom was decorating beautifully for the matinee event that we went to.  I understand the evening one is a rowdy good time.
Before everyone was seated.
We had snacks and drinks as we learned more about the organizations that were benefiting from the fundraiser.  6 local celebrities danced and then we voted (with our dollars) for our favorite duo.
We didn't have the best seats for photo taking, but there are plenty of great shots on facebook and in our local paper of the event.  It was so much fun!
Our wine club friend Charlie, who was also Thomas's confirmation mentor, was the big winner of the coveted trophy!  Charlie and his dance instructor partner, Ronda, did a "Dance Evolution" choreographed dance that included Thriller (note Charlie's sequined glove), the Twist, Party Rock, and Gangam Style.  It was truly awesome to see!
In addition, the boys' first elementary school principal also danced.  She choreographed and danced with one of our neighbors.  And Brennan's current principal also danced with an all-male group as part of the post-contest entertainment.  Really fun to watch.
David and me
Mike and Mary
This year David and I have started doing one-on-one activities with the boys, outside of our normal running to activities and doing errands.  We tend to go about the same time on the weekend.  The boys are LOVING this new weekly "boys' night" (as they call it).
 This weekend I got one-on-one time with Thomas.  We went to the library (his favorite place in the world), went to his tennis lesson with Coach Brad, then over to Yo Ma Ma for yogurt and a chat.  Really fun!
Coach Brad videoing Thomas serving on his iPhone so he can play it back and talk about the arc 
David took Thomas out to a really nice restaurant in town last weekend and told Brennan they'd go there this evening.  Brennan of course headed straight to his room to change clothes (not necessary), and showed up in his suit and tie.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed on Sundays so they headed to Puccini's for Italian.
This kid cracks me up.  He so earnestly wants to look nice for his boys night out.

 It's all about food with Brennan.
Last weekend I spent time with Brennan having sushi (his favorite, not mine) and we practiced roller skating the week before his big party.
 Brennan is in Physical Therapy and one of the new thing we're doing is going to the gym a couple of times a week after school.  I snapped these photos last week.
 Thomas working his abs
And his arms
Brennan working his abs.
He loves that there are tv's hanging on the walls.

 And I started architecture tour guide training last week.  Here is a photo from our Visitors Center on facebook.  I'm at the head of the table in cream.  I'm looking forward to the training!  And just realized I need to get on my homework.  Stat. 
 Thomas asked that I share his photo with his coffee drink too.
They looooove coffee (in this case - decaf frappuccinos as a birthday treat)

Happy 11th Birthday, Brennan!

 Can you tell where Brennan chose to have his 11th birthday party this year?
It's always fun having a Friday birthday - you get to celebrate at school (with cookies for your classmates), but it's also a weekend, so you can have your party ON your birthday!
Brennan says Friday birthdays are really the best birthdays. 
It's also a "silver birthday" as a Scottish friend let me know - he was also born on a Friday (and don't I remember it well.  He was scheduled for a Monday morning c-section, so I had hair and nails appointment that Friday, along with lots of family members coming in over the weekend.  But, SURPRISE!)
After a super fun birthday at school (lots of birthday singing and celebrating apparently)
We made a quick trip in to Target for some birthday party necessities and a Starbucks run.
"It tastes like Paris!", Brennan says.
We all went out to eat, then we headed to Skateland to party, party, party!
Classmates Megan, Brennan, and Akshat  
Dad and Thomas
(Dad in no shoes, Thomas in skates, but still, that boy is getting too tall!)
Thomas and best bud Nathan
They had to leave the party early to go to church for a Junior High Lock-In and 4:30 a.m. IHOP visit - they had a ball, and Thomas still made it to tennis by 12:00 the next day!
Brennan's church friends - Claire, Cora, and Sydney
 Super sweet classmate, Megan
 Super sweet classmates who take very good care of Brennan for me - Anna, Kennedy, Megan, and Grace & Sami on the bottom row
Cora, Brennan, Claire, and Claire
Brennan was super excited about introducing classmate Claire to church friend Claire
Anna, Kennedy, Cora, and Sydney
I love this one!
Brennan and Claire
Classmates Will, Sotaro, Brennan, and Akshat
Neighbors Steve and Rolan
Instead of gifts Brennan asked for canned goods for our local food bank.
But everyone brought cool cards - this one is from the girls in his class - he apparently sings a ton at school to drive them all crazy (sounds like our afternoon errands time), and they love it.
Brennan loves skating!
Limbo time!
 Classmates Molly, Claire, and Brennan
Church friends Rebecca and Emma 
Unfortunately I cut off Brennan!
Skateland Cake
Singing Happy Birthday
 I love this boy!!!
Happy 11th Birthday, Brennan!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mississippi Christmases 2012

We had a wonderful time in Mississippi visiting family over the holiday. 
Goofy things going on with my camera throughout the trip, but here are the best of the best.
Thomas (12), Brennan (10), Ellie (7), Taylor (11) 
Taylor, Donna, and Ellie
Our Family
Jane Maria, Sara Brady, and Elizabeth
The cousins table in Canton, including Jane Marie
Elizabeth helped wrap Brennan's gift from Nancy and Joe using Brennan's signature style - a package wrapped in a package wrapped in a package...
We love these Perplexus toys!
Daniel and David studying the first the boys received.
 The cousins from oldest to youngest -
Sara Brady, Thomas, Elizabeth, Taylor, Brennan, and Ellie
The "grandkids" generation
Including Christopher, Amanda, and Daniel posing like his 3 year old self
Carolyn and her nieces - Nancy, Nina, and Allison
Donna, Carolyn, and David
The "kids" generation - Nancy, Allison, Donna, David, and Nina
Grandma/Granny and her grandkids
Our family 
Danielle loves her new Barbie radio!
Thomas and Danielle
Natalie and Sunny - we all fell in love with Sunny!
Even David!
Audrey Beth and Natalie 
Thomas, Danielle, David, Sunny, and Natalie
Brittney and Magan
Uncle Milton, Misty, and Blair
Bradley and Aunt Rosemary
The kids table
Danielle, Thomas, Audrey Beth, Noah, Tanner, and Natalie
Wade and Brennan
Our family with Mamaw
It was really great to see everyone over the holidays. 
We love our Mississippi family!