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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Early October Photos

Did I mention it's been a full month?
Below are some early October photos.
We're on Fall Break now and are looking forward to spending the second week in Florida!
I've already shared our trip to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but here are some photos of the rest of our getaway to NYC.
After a stressful school week, David knew I was ready for a break.  I got a Bloody Mary at the airport with breakfast, and it was tasty!
Our first night in NYC we discovered we were only two blocks from Restaurant Row in Hell's Kitchen.  We went to Hell's Kitchen restaurant which is now progressive Mexican or Noveau Mexican.  It was absolutely delicious.  I had the grilled shrimp tacos.

On the morning of the Daily Show taping, we had lots of time and we both wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Met.  We took the boys there in the summer of '11, but we wanted to go back and see it again.
We started with a quick trip to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir in Central Park before the museum opened.  It was beautiful!

And then on to the Met

I took lots of iPhone photos of the paintings and sculpture that jumped out at me.  I just finished an Art History book so I was excited to see some paintings.

Here I am, sitting Gossip Girl style on the Met steps!

Did I mention the great food we enjoyed in NYC?  Here we are at a traditional Italian restaurant, eating paninis and wine for lunch.  Delicious!!

We flew home the morning after the taping, just in time to get Brennan to the ENT for an ear infection, and see Thomas get his certificate at the Cross Country awards ceremony!  We're so proud of his involvement on the team this year!

And that night Renee, Lika, and Maren arrived in town!  They visited Renee's daughter and family in Terre Haute, Lika's cousin in Greenwood, and then headed south for their last stop before heading home.  We loved having them!
Renee and Maren happened to be dressed like twins!
Maren loved the playground behind Brennan's school.  Everyone does!

Like mother like daughter.  Lika rock climbed in Japan.

After we picked the boys up, we spent the afternoon taking Maren to some of our favorite places!
Including the ice cream shop with the great orchestrions and player organs

The KidsCommons for a ton of fun!

And over to the Commons to play on the giant playground

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but back to school to finish out the 1st quarter.
Brennan's class presented their Mesoamerican projects.  He did such a good job on his project, paper, and presentation!

And, then Fall Break!  We spent our first day at the open day at Keeneland horse racetrack in Lexington with Jeanne.
It alternated hot and sunny and monsoon rains.

The boys got to place a bet, but only Jeanne won.  It was still quite the experience.

It's such a beautiful race course and club.

And then on to the Melting Pot for a nice dinner.
Jeanne and Thomas

Brennan and me

And now, we're getting ready for Florida!!
Hope you're having a wonderful October, too.

September Photos

 Oh my we've had a full month. 

I'm so happy to be leading such a full life, even without a paying gig.  Wanted to share the end of September photos with you.

Brennan was asked to join the city-wide Children's Choir - we're really proud of him.  He's got such a beautiful voice.  After a Saturday choir retreat, we headed out for sushi.  Brennan asked for the fresh made coconut drink with sliced coconut.  He absolutely loved it.  The waiters at this restaurant know Brennan well.

David and I headed out to a movie together, something we don't do that much - partly because I see chick flicks with my girlfriends, and because there haven't been that many great movies out lately.  It was fun even though Prisoners is hugely depressing.

I taught Thomas to mow the grass.  He LOVED it.  David also let him move the car back into the garage after the mower went back.  He's getting so big!

Brennan's been on a Calculus kick the last few weeks.  He had lots of questions for Dad, who was happy to break out the graph paper and calculator.  They crack me up.

Oh, volunteering.  I love you so.  I really, truly do.  I just need to volunteer smart and not hard, if that makes any sense.
Our city hosted its first marathon (a Boston qualifier) at the end of September.  I volunteered with Mary and others on the Friday before the event.  I loved being a part of all the excitement!!

A few friends ran the marathon, many more ran the half-marathon, and lots of friends ran the 5K, including David and Thomas, who both PR'd!  And, first time for Thomas to beat Dad (by just a minute).
But back to volunteering.  In one of my activities on the Philharmonic Board, I attend pre-concert activities, including this one at one of the local retirement centers.  It was a beautiful mini concert, and I would have happily nodded off like some of the residents if I had thought it appropriate (or that they wouldn't have noticed).
Sophie is moving!
We hosted a going-away party for our school and church friend Sophie (far left in this picture below).  We had 25 middle schoolers over to swim, eat pizza, and say bon voyage to Sophie.
They had sooo much fun, and we did too.  Although it was bananas at times.

Thomas had a ball - he loves having friends over of course.
Thomas and Sophie

They swam, ate, played Capture the Flag in the serious darkness, karakoed on the Wii U, and pulled up some video on YouTube and all sang along.  Oh, they also knew a surprising about of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and (mis)quoted it throughout the night.  What a great bunch of kids.

Early the next morning, Brennan and I loaded up for a trip to Chicago to see old friends!! 

Renee and Lika and daughter Maren did a Midwestern tour from their respective homes in DC and NYC.  They started at Lika's sister's house outside Chicago.
Jacki (background), Maren, and Renee

Brennan and Nolan (Jacki's son)

Here Lika and Renee are reading books I made for the 3 of us using all my photos from our time together in the late 80s in high school in Hawaii.  Some GREAT memories and I had such a ball making the Shutterfly books.
I haven't seen Lika since Renee's wedding in Hawaii in 1991!
And I haven't seen Jacki since I graduated in 1988!
It was amazing how we all just fell back into easy conversation like the last 25 years just flew by.  Which it DID!
We headed to an Oktoberfest party near Jacki's home.

Look how HUGE my baby looks - and yes, he was appropriately sized for the ride he was waiting on.

Renee and me

Like, Renee, and me

Brennan and Renee

Kai (Jacki's daughter), Brennan, Nolan, and Maren

Not quite yet, but almost!

Grandma Nan and Aunt Shelly went to the National Book Fair in DC and Brennan LOVES his new sweatshirt!

Well, lots more October photos to come but I must stop at this point and feed my children lunch!
Fall Break Rocks!!