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Friday, November 28, 2008

Post #2

My first lesson in blogging: once you publish a post you can't edit it. So the Welcome that I thought I could go back to and add more to, just ended up being one word.

Many of our friends have family blogs so I decided to start one too. Since I spend much of my day on the computer, I thought it would be nice to be able to send regular updates on the Indiana Boatwrights.

Today we are enjoying a day off - no school, no work, no place to be. It's a rare treat but a really nice day! Of course, for David it isn't. He's installing a new water softener and what.a.pain.

Taking the boys and their friends to see "Bolt" this evening. We're looking forward to it!

We hope everyone had a very peaceful Thanksgiving yesterday. We had a wonderful day with the Towsleys and Borowskis. The 7 kids played downstairs very happily all day. The adults enjoyed way too much food, cards, Pictionary, and an afternoon to catch up.

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