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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Model Airplanes

Yesterday we went to a Model Airplane show. The boys and I didn't quite know what to expect. I assumed the models would be much smaller, like the ones you can buy at Radio Shack or Target. But these were impressive models, mostly built by the owner/operator and not from a kit.

David, of course, had more of an idea of what they were like, and enjoyed looking at them and talking to the owners. Many were replicas of real planes from WWI and WWII. The owners take a lot of pride in the work and the difficulty in flying them.

There was a pretty cool bi-plane that had smoke and did some impressive tricks.

The planes take off on a runway and then land just like a real plane. It was pretty fun to watch.

Although Brennan was a little disappointed that they weren't going to let him fly them.

Most of the planes have little figures in the cockpit. The attention to detail is pretty impressive!

It was a fun Saturday afternoon, and thankfully there was a nice breeze because it has turned out to be a pretty warm weekend!

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