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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Christmas Season

My new banner at the top of the blog (for those who read in a reader or on email).  We're praying that we get to spend Christmas with my grandmother who's still doing OK.  She'll be 99 on Tuesday.  Love these photos of the boys.  Last year's crafts, this year's crafts, and a good supply of hot cocoa on hand, of course.

It's always strange for me to see Christmas decorations up before Halloween.  It just seems weird.  But once November 1st hits, to me it's fine.  I am getting into my gift-buying mode then, I'm starting to think about taking Christmas card pictures, and we start thinking through our Mississippi travel plans for the holiday. 

We always give Thanksgiving it's due, but to me November 1st - December 31st is "The Holidays".

If I were to wait until TODAY to start thinking about the Christmas season (and the responsibilities and chaos it brings), it would not be a joyous occasion.  I need November and December to think about parties/dinners/open houses, gifts (lots of family birthdays during this time as well), Christmas cards, school celebrations, church celebrations, decorating and travel.

So, I am thankful that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with friends yesterday. 

And, I'm thankful as well for the rest of this Thanksgiving weekend.  We will enjoy the Christmas season soooo much better because I'll spend the rest of this weekend taking down the Fall and putting up the Christmas, finishing up the Christmas cards so they're ready to go in a few weeks, and continuing our holiday baking.  A wonderful time to spend with the family indoors preparing for the weeks ahead. 

And a two month "Holiday Season" just works for me!

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