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Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had another action-packed weekend.
David and the boys hung in there with me, as they had been warned there was a lot going on.
Now, things slow down just a bit.
In addition to two Christmas parties, an all-day event at church on Saturday for the boys, a Philharmonic concert, appliance shopping, youth group for Thomas, and homework/school projects, we had some excitement Sunday morning at church.
note - fuzzy photos below, grrr.
The children presented their Christmas Musical and did a fantastic job.
It was a story that mixed the true Christmas story with Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".
It actually worked well, and the music was really well done.
Brennan was awesome.
This was Brennan's first year to participate and he did such a great job.
In addition to singing all 9 songs with the group, he was the narrator.
As you know, a Christmas musical takes many Sundays of practice (and part of Saturday's all-day event) and Brennan hung in there. He even hung in there with an ill-fitting shepherd costume.
He did great.
The Audrey Hepburn-look alike was "Edna Scrooge" in the play.

I loved little Matthew as a shepherd. He was adorable.
Brennan had two long narrations, where he stood at the pulpit (his first time).
You might think kids with Asperger's are inherently shy, but not the ones I know.
It's always a hold-your-breath moment when Brennan gets a microphone in front of 200+ people.
He took his narration very seriously, incorporating many gestures and even a slight bow after his narrations. Everyone said afterwards that he did just great. And may have a future as an evangelical preacher.
During his second narration, however, he lost his place in the script.
He was slightly frustrated and embarrassed as he flipped through the pages, but handled himself so well. I have no idea what I would have done if it were me. Or what any other child would have done in the same situation. He never broke or asked for help, he just kept looking.
My natural instincts were to run across the church and help him, but he had to figure out a way, in front of all of those people, to handle himself. It could have gone either way. One of the play coordinators eventually went up and helped him. Instead of fussing about it or getting even more upset, he said a simple "sorry bout that" into the microphone which elicited a great laugh, and then he continued with his narration as if nothing had happened.
A very proud parent moment!!
We got tons of feedback from the congregation after church about what a great job he did.
So proud!
And after the musical it was time to introduce the 17 newest members of our church - our graduated confirmands.
The kids and their mentors went up front to be welcomed in.
Thomas's mentor, Charlie, as Elder was introducing them.
Our youth pastor surprised the kids with letters from the pastors who had baptized them.
Most of the kids were baptized as infants, so she put a lot of work into tracking everyone down.
Thomas received a beautiful letter from the associate pastor in Memphis who baptized Thomas (and me, and Brennan). She's in an important district leadership role now, and it was really nice to hear from her.
This is a great group of youth, and I'm so happy that Thomas is part of this wonderful group.
During the Sunday School hour I led my last official job as Children's Elder (after 4 years I move to the Youth committee beginning next year) and led the Happy Birthday Jesus party for all the preschoolers and elementary aged kids.
It's a chance to celebrate the Christmas Musical excellent work, and celebrate the reason for the season.
Didn't Kroger do a great job on the cake?

A wonderful bunch of little ones as well!
Phew, now on to the last 2 weeks of school and work before a nice Christmas vacation!

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