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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recent Pics

 How is it already February?
Twice so far this year I have been so proud of myself for writing a "3" instead of a "2" in the date. 
Unfortunately I wrote "2003" instead of "2013"!
Time really is flying.  2003 seemed correct for a second there as I wrote it.

Juts a few recent pics of our adventures.
Our church's Youth Group went skiing and tubing over Martin Luther King Monday.
It was the coldest day of the year so far.  Here I am using my scarf to keep me totally warm.
I look freezing, but I had a great time!!
Steven, Brennan, and Thomas had a ball tubing!

Here's the short course.

While cold, it was a beautiful day.  Here are some beginning skiers.

Warming up with some pizza, fries, and hot chocolate made for a great afternoon.
David and I attended our local "Dancing with the Stars" fundraiser to cheer on one of our neighbors who was part of the "local celebrity" half of his dance duo.  And we were there to cheer on Thomas's confirmation mentor and our wine club friend, Charlie.  Here is the newspaper photo of Charlie who served as the "local celebrity" with Rhonda, his dance partner.  They won!  It was fantastic!  Charlie and Rhonda did an evolution of dance routine that included the twist, Michael Jackson dance numbers, Vanilla Ice, Party Rock Anthem, and Gangnam Style.  They killed it!
What a difference a week makes, right? 
A late January morning looking out the front door, and my 3 men shoveling the driveway after a big snow.

Today the Youth group has their SouperBowl Sunday event (I spelled that right - Souper as in Soup).
After church the Youth serve delicious homemade soups in breadbowls as a fundraiser for their summer mission trips.  Last week they performed a skit to promote their fundraiser.
There is Thomas on the lower level left, serving as a football announcer.

David took me on a tour of his new building at work.  It was just completed and I know David's group is proud to have it just about finished.  This is the atrium joining the new building with the existing building that is now undergoing renovations.  It's a cool building!
There's a courtyard on the top floor that we stepped out onto to see some of the iconic buildings downtown in our city.  Such pretty views!!


Brennan's school had a Colonial Wax Museum on Friday in which all of the 5th graders researched a job from colonial times, dressed up and prepared a backdrop or display.  They also made a sign and button so that when you pushed it, the wax figure would come to life and tell you about his job.
Brennan was a Glassblower and did a great job on his research and speech!

We surprised Brennan with his own flip phone last week.  While he won't be using it much, it will be great to be able to stay in touch when I'm out and he and Thomas are at home.  Now if he can just remember to keep it turned on and charged!

David and I went to our local Philharmonic concert last night.  Gorgeous, gorgeous music performed by the orchestra and sung my Marja and Chasten Harmon, and Cam Collins - saxophonist.  They are local kids who grew up in town and have gone on to New York and Broadway to pursue their talents.  The music was amazing.  The Les Mis and Wicked songs were my favorites.  David was really impressed with Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie.
 And now, for a busy, cold Sunday afternoon!

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