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Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Fun 3 - Part 2

As I was typing up that last Summer Fun post, I had a weird feeling that I was leaving out some photos.  That's because I'd already started this post and never finished it.
The rest of those photos!
Thomas at his dorm on the Purdue campus - soooo grown up!
In the dorm, getting ready to leave Thomas.
I cried and then Thomas cried.
I should really not do that :)

Thomas's dorm 
I got back to the car, and this stinker had jumped in the driver's seat.  The odd thing was - he didn't look too out of place.  Oh they're growing up way too fast these days!!

Flowers, balloons, and a Marx Brothers DVD from Grandma Carolyn.  He was thrilled.

OK, that's it :)

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