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Friday, November 20, 2015

October 2015

Here are some highlights from October!
We visited former babysitter and now English teacher Amelia and her new baby, Andy. 
He is adorable!  We loved catching up with Amelia, Tyler, and Andy!

Thomas posed at the entrance to kidscommons for me - he's having a great experience at his first part-time job!
Brennan participated in a tennis program called ACEing Autism.  It was a great experience!  The high school coaches and leaders were just great.

Thomas and Brennan babysat Wynfield, the 36 year old macaw!  He was a riot and they really enjoyed the opportunity to take care of him for a week.
And this time of year means tons of raking for us.  Here we're employing child labor :)
Tracie, David's cousin's wife (let's just call her a cousin!), made and sent us these great pumpkins!  I love them!

I went on a day trip with my Architecture Girls Group to Bloomington to tour the I.M. Pei Art Gallery.  It's such a beautiful building.  We really enjoyed seeing it from a behind-the-scenes point of view.
I also participated in a public art walking tour all around downtown.  Here are a few highlights!

David and I enjoyed a couple of date nights over music.
We went to the Ball & Biscuit for dinner in downtown Indy and then to see Mark Knopfler at the Murat.  Such a fun night!

And we went to a couple of Philharmonic concerts.  Time for Three was my favorite.
Great performers!

Halloween parties!  We attended two and had a ball.  Same costumes - Indiana Jones and Hermione Grainger.

I enjoyed the cupcake plan to go with our costumes.

Our friends had awesome costumes as well!
Eric and Cindy

Mary and Mike (our hosts)

Jeff and Karen
Karen and Bob

Pam and Mike

Sarah, Dane, David, Leah, and Jeff
Brennan and Thomas still trick or treat!  For the 12th year we've gone to our friends' house to pass out candy, eat dinner, play pool, and catch up.  It's always a ton of fun!
Can't forget Bailey!  He got a BIG haircut in October.  Hopefully it'll grow out soon :)

I feel like his friend Abbie is asking me if that's really Bailey.

Before and after
Happy Thanksgiving!


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