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Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 2017

I think we're done hosting for awhile!  We've hosted both book clubs, my architecture girls group, two birthday parties, a Super Bowl party, our wine club, and countless guests popping by.  It's been awesome and February was full of fun with friends.

Brennan got his braces off!  He's got such a cute smile and is very responsible with his retainer unlike someone else I know.  One more orthodontist appointment and we're done.

The youth at church raise funds for our local food bank - we call it Souper Bowl Sunday.  They use soup pots with the two teams' logos on them to collect dollars after church - vote for who you think will win.  The food bank is the big winner every year.  Here is their hilarious skit during the worship service on Souper Bowl Sunday - Thomas playing the Falcon's quarterback.

We hosted the Super Bowl party for our friends and had a great time.  David and the boys handled the decorations.  I handled the cleaning and food.  We all have our strengths.

Aren't these the cutest cookies I had a local bakery make?  I wanted "mini cookies" because I find that adults don't eat big cookies at a party.  These were a hit.

Everyone brought a dish and wine or beer or bourbon.  We had awesome food.  No one left hungry.  It was a great game although most people left by the 4th quarter so they could be home to see the ending.  I wish the Super Bowl was on a Saturday.  At least this one started early in the evening.

I snapped this photo because everyone was watching Lady Ga Ga kick off the half-time show.  Some people ventured downstairs to play pool or watch the game on the big screen with the teens.

I had an awesome 46th birthday.  Gifts, dinner, lunch, flowers, surprises, stop bys, etc.  The celebrations lasted a week.  Friends brought me this assortment of treats on the 6th so I could celebrate my birthday all week long.  The boys were THRILLED.


The family took me to Henry's Social Club for dinner.  Yummy wild mushroom gnocchi for me.  It was awesome. 

The cocktail crew celebrated Galentine's Day at Hotel Indigo where we got to see Miles, the hotel dog.  He's very used to posing for photos. 

Sushi and pho for Valentine's Day with the family after celebrating with gifts that morning.

April and Todd hosted Litwits (we discussed "Hillbilly Elegy") at the Savory Swine.  Look at this amazing charcuterie board!  Great discussion, great friends.

Kristen cut 3.5 inches off the bottom.  Doesn't it looks great?  I need her to style it every morning though!

Wine club!  We had a Cabaret Caro Vino (wine tasting at three price points).  It was a really fun way to do a tasting and I think we'll be doing more of this kind of tasting. Just snapped this quick pic.  I think half the group was in a cut throat pool tourney downstairs.

Roger and Vinita were the only ones who guessed the wines in the correct $$ range. 

We don't have chairs (i.e. clutter) down by the pool table.  I snapped this because I realized friends will sit wherever there's space.  No need to get fancy.

A $7, $13, and $40 Cabernet.  Only two people go the prices right in our blind tasting.

The Philharmornic hosted a new fundraiser - Bourbonfest.  I worked the soft drink table (for the designated drivers and folks like me who don't drink that much bourbon!) but David got to do the Bourbon tasting.  He had fun.  The event was sold out and a great success for a first time event!

The boys and I headed to Brown County State Park for a hike and dinner.  Couldn't get in to dinner though because everywhere had a tremendous line on a Saturday night, but the hike was fun.  Bailey enjoyed it immensely.

Mike and Mary hosted an incredibly fun dinner party for like-minded friends.  Mary made yummy food including this tater tots casserole! 

Here's Beans enjoying us enjoying game night!

The Boatwrights wrapped up awards season with our Oscars pool.  Everyone gets a ballot and on Monday after the show I tally the guesses and then that person receives a prize during dinner.  We also enjoy some sparkling grape juice during our Oscars Night wrap up.  David was the winner - beating me by just one guess. 

And now it's March!  Looking forward to a 2 week spring break, hopefully warmer temperatures, and to see what comes up in the flower beds at the new house!

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