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Saturday, June 10, 2017

May 2017

May - I say this every year but I believe it is the busiest month of the year for us.  The school year is ending and there always seems to be a ramp up of family and kid activities.  May 2017 was no different.  Here are some of our highlights!

Junior Prom!  Thomas and his best friends Neil and Joel went together as friends.  During the course of the day they met up with friends and even made a few new friends, joining their group for dinner before the dance.  Our house was home base to get dressed, start photos, between dinner and Prom, to park the extra cars, between Prom and After Prom, and to spend the night later.  I had an absolute BALL all day with these guys.  Our town comes out in droves for these kids.  The parade as the kids come in, and the red carpet walk promenade were awesome.  I'm already looking forward to next year's activities.

Here are some photos from the day.

Full tux, boutineer by Gina (one of Thomas's bosses!), and shades of course.

Thomas, Neil and Joel

At the Visitors Centers with the Chihulies

At Henry Moore's Large Arch

Several from the Inn at Irwin Gardens

The Corvette for the Prom Parade

At Cummins' corporate headquarters

My favorite pose by these silly guys - Churchill, FDR, and Stalin at Yalta.

Parking garage roof

Dad and I got some photos too (somehow cut out Bailey)

 After Prom photos were equally hysterical

And this guy!  Here is Brennan at the Philharmonic Salute concert Memorial Day weekend.  On Prom Saturday, he took the Math 1 and Math 2 subject tests for the SAT.  We got his scores this week.  He scored 800s on both!  Perfect scores!  We're so proud of him!!

Back at the Inn at Irwin Gardens for their cocktail hour a couple of weeks after Prom with Stan and Vanessa.

And the Philharmonic's Lobsterfest.  4th annual!

This year there was post-lobster dinner racing with the high school robotics team.

David raced in the first heat.

And our wine club met at Vinita's and Greg's house for a Bollywood inspired evening!
I borrowed a sari scarf from my friend Lalitha and Vinita had bindis for us ladies to wear.

And we all learned some Bollywood dances.  The food was amazing.  A great night with great friends.

 A project I was leading wrapped up - we curated and refurbished a local historical space that has a grand history.  Here I am touring a couple of VIPs!

And an outtake at the Chamber ribbon cutting for this newly opened space.

Thomas was working when VP Pence's plane landed (Air Force II).  He captured a photo out of the restaurant window.  The Pences were in for the Indy 500 and to visit family.

Susan (Neil's mom) and I spent an evening in Indy enjoying some German food and music at the Rathskellar, then heading to the Murat to see Norah Jones!

I did a quick trip to the Chicago Film Festival to see the "Columbus" movie for a second time.  Looking forward to its release in September! (Inn at Irwin Gardens on the right, library on the left in this shot).

Thomas and Brennan finished up school - Thomas is now a senior, and Brennan a sophomore.  Unbelievable!

Bailey really wanted to join us on the porch for photos.  When we came back in, he sat and posed for this one of his own.  :)

Happy Summer!

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