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Sunday, October 1, 2017

August 2017

How is it that August was 2 months ago?  What a great month - so much to share.  I'll save the "Columbus" movie photos for a separate post!

August started with back to school.  Brennan is a sophomore at Thomas is a senior.  Posed here with Bailey who is guarding the house for us these days.

I had to snap a quick photo of the boys cooking dinner together.  Love it!

Friends Kathryn, Amber, Erin, and Katherine and I attended a design event in preparation for Exhibit Columbus coming to town.  These ladies are so creative and fun.  I love spending time with them.

Brennan, Thomas, and I attended our friend Leah's 50th birthday party while David was out of town.  Brennan is full of Leah's homemade baklava in this shot!

Wine Club returned to the lakes for the 3rd annual Pontoon Party.  This time with a rose wine tasting.  Such a great party.  Such great friends.

Before we headed to the next home for dinner.

Appetizers and then dessert back at Charlie and Jayne's home.

And I returned to work!  Here I am on my first day back in Human Resources.  I'm loving my position, the group I work with, and we've all adjusted well.  Just lots more to get to each and every day.  The family is all pitching in and things are going well. 

Brennan and David have been running some 5K's recently.  Here is Brennan completing one in August on a gorgeous, but hot, Saturday.

Erin and I spent a Saturday walking downtown Columbus, learning all of the material to give Exhibit Columbus tours which started on August 26th and will run for 3 months.  These temporary exhibits are so much fun.  It's great to see so many locals out enjoying them!

Bailey is about to be heartbroken because he now thinks every drive thru is a Chic-fil-A where they give him free chicken for being so cute.  This is Starbucks and Mommy is getting an iced tea.  He got a puppy cup of course.

Renee took a quick trip to Nashville with me to see the premiere of the Columbus movie on their opening night.  Since many of the filmmakers are from Nashville, this was especially meaningful.  So much fun to see it for a 3rd time before its premiere locally.  And so much fun to spend a couple of days with Renee!

Finally, a movie night with friends at the house to see "La La Land" before seeing it in Indy at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  We had a great time while the guys were out having a guys night!

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The Sketchy Reader said...

I’ve seen several of your Instagram and FB posts about this movie, and I would love for you to email me and give me the 411 on it. ;P