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Monday, December 25, 2017

Greece 2017 Part 4

"The Greek Ruins" and "Santorini" have been at the top of my travel wish list for years.  I was thrilled that we got to see both on this trip.  Because the tourist season was over, the speed ferries were no longer running so we took the typical ferry.  Santorini is one of 1500 Greek islands and our ferry ride was 8 hours.  It was very comfortable though and we had great people to talk to when we weren't napping, reading, listening to podcasts or doing math with Brennan :)
Prepare to be overwhelmed with photos, but there were so many great shots to choose from!

The ferry ride around the Greek islands.
Views of Firostefani where we stayed

Oia (ee-ah) - shopping and beautiful scenery

See the donkeys?  They work in the off-season helping with construction.

Traffic jam. I was running late to meet David and Brennan for the next part of our tour.

We went on a winery tour where Brennan got to sample.  We bought a couple of bottles of vinosanto - produced only on Santorini.


Sights on the walk from Firostefani to Firo for lunch

My last Greece photo.  Thomas walking to our gorgeous resort overlooking the other 4 islands that make up Santorini.  What an amazing trip.  I especially loved that the boys were with us.  Happy 25th to us!

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