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Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 2018

It is possible that I say WHAT A MONTH every month. 
If not, then I can tell you June 2018 lives up to that expression.
In addition to Thomas graduating from high school, we had a very full month filled with lots of fun, fun, fun. 
Brennan's media tour (ha) continues.  The "Tylertown Times" wanted to feature his story as well, so we took a 3 generations photo with Grandpa Laroy, Brennan, and me.

The busy graduation weekend was fun and we had time to fit in some good family time with everyone visiting for the weekend.

Thomas spent a couple of days at college orientation and Brennan biked downtown to meet me for lunch and to hang out.  We got gelato for 2.
Violet and I saw Glee favorites Darren Criss and Lea Michele in Indy.  What a great concert filled with funny stories, beautiful music, and a sing-a-long.  They were fantastic performers!

I wish my phone took better photos from a distance, but here you get a sense!

We took the boys to their first concert.  Outdoors in the lawn at Deer Creek in Indy.  We saw The Killers and they were really great.  Quite the experience for both boys - Brennan a little overwhelmed and Thomas went from not thinking this was the coolest idea to becoming a concert regular now, seeing Imagine Dragons with friends the following weekend.  He's hooked!

I had an incredible experience in June that I could talk about for an entire post.  Let me summarize by saying that I spent the day with Tony award winner and someone who made a profound impact on me in 2017 - Rachel Bay Jones.
Her performance as the mom of a teen with social anxiety resonated with me in "Dear Evan Hansen" last year on Broadway.  I mean, it overwhelmed me in such a good way.  I might be a slightly better mom to Brennan because of her performance.  When I found out she was going to be a Cabaret at the Commons performer this summer, I couldn't believe it.  Then, as a Cabaret committee member, the board asked me if I would be willing to pick up Rachel and her two friends at the airport and take them to lunch.  I JUMPED at the chance.  We had an incredible drive back to town and a lovely lunch al fresco.  Laura got to hear my Dear Evan Hansen story and was nothing short of amazing.  Here we are touring Zaharakos.  I had to photograph Laura videoing the amazing ice cream shop. 

And spending a little time with Miles at Hotel Indigo.

We went to dinner with John and Ginger before joining the Freys and Farbers at the Cabaret.

 Rachel was incredible.  My photo does not do her justice.
After the incredible show!

And then, if that Thursday wasn't incredible enough, we then left Friday for Chicago with the boys and Neil and Spencer!

Lunch stop on the way.  These soon-to-be college freshmen are awesome kids!

We went to Chicago to see "Hamilton" and it was everything I hope it would be!  Here I am waiting for the guys.  We split up after dinner so I got to people watch for a little while.

Thomas, Neil and Spencer sat a little further up than we did.  But we were there too :)

It was just incredible.  Great music, David loved the casting, it was emotional, and unforgettable.  Go as soon as you have the chance!

I love it when the boys meet me for lunch and they bring Bailey!

I had a two day work trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan.  What a nice city - I had never been.
I made it home in time for Litwits!  This month Mike and Mary hosted and we discussed "If the Creek Don't Rise" - a story set in Appalachia.  The food was incredible.  I loved these strawberries Jayne brought.

Some of the guys had a moonshine tasting in honor of the book :)
And then Brennan and I were off to Little Rock, Arkansas!
We went to support our niece Natalie, Miss Mississippi Junior High, as she competed in the national pageant.  Our niece Danielle served as a princess and participated in a great dance routine with all the other princesses.  I'm so glad Brennan joined me.  It was a quick trip but we had an awesome time!

Danielle's dance routine

Natalie killed it!

A late dinner after the pageant with the grandparents and parents!

And before we knew it, Thomas turned 18!  We had his party at the Cross-Country team's favorite restaurant - Yats for some Cajun yumminess, board games, World Cup, cupcakes, and peanut butter pie.  Unbelievable.  18!

And I got to reminisce about 18 years prior - my last photo before he was born on a beautiful Monday in Memphis.
To wrap up the month, we went with our friends Eric, Cindy, Laura, Gene, Scott, and Kelly to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt!!
We had a wonderful Irish meal at the Claddagh and then walked over the Banker's Life Fieldhouse.

It was fun having floor seats.  The music was so good and the stories they told were great too.  They've both been in the music business since the late 60s and have known each other that long.

And I can't forget Bailey.  This is how he acts when the boys try to walk him on a hot afternoon. 
We got to show off our Friendship Collars one day though.  Matching collars that show that we are truly BFFs.

July for us means volcanoes, a girls trip, Mamma Mia 2, shopping for dorm stuff, and rose wine, and prepping for a Paris-themed party. 

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