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Friday, January 3, 2020

December 2019

Happy 2020!
December was a month full of birthday and anniversary celebrations, a lot of travel, a milestone at school and lots of puppy cuddling in front of the fire.  Pretty great month I would say!

We celebrated John's birthday with gumbo, bourbon balls, and a great night with friends.

The November birthday crew

 Brennan was super busy in December with his Senior Project, Senior Project research paper, Senior Project presentation, finals and AP exams, extra hand bell choir practices and concerts, and just normal school work and his internship!  But he handled it all and did a great job!

In early December we worked alongside the Youth at the church to wrap allllll the gifts that the church members donated for the Heart Tree.  

It was a chaotic evening but we got it all done!

 And then Brennan had his chance to present in front of 4 judges (teachers and community members).  Three of us were in tears.  He did such a nice job and his passion for helping low-income families with children with disabilities came through.  You won't see a photo of me here because I was trying to stop the tears.  He received an "Exceptional" and his Senior Project is complete!

 Lisa, Brennan's mentor for this project, is just phenomenal.  She was so encouraging.

 We celebrated with Shrimp and Grits (and a bunch of other stuff!)

David and I got to travel with my parents in December, something we haven't done in years!  We went to Philadelphia so that Daddy and David could attend the Army/Navy Game.  We celebrated their 50th anniversary (which took place in August).  They've been celebrating for months now, starting with a trip to Italy in May.  We had a great time sightseeing, EATING, shopping, and catching up.

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

Betsy Ross's House

 Army/Navy Game

 There is the President crossing from the Army to the Navy side at half-time

Back in town, David and I celebrated 27 years since our wedding!   

We had dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants two nights before they closed.  A great meal and a great time celebrating.  David got me the comfiest blanket to snuggle in all winter!

The guys also hung the Senior Portraits for me, going down the stairs.  I love them! 

Remy likes Daddy to hold him during his naps sometimes.  So cute!

 We had a day to hike and it was beautiful

And then we headed to Mississippi for Christmas with the family.  We had such a great time!

Christmas Eve service at David's family's church

Christmas in Starkville
Brennan (17), Thomas (19), Taylor (18), Ellie (15) (and Ringo, Dexter, and Stella)

 With Grandma Carolyn

And Aunt Donna and Ringo

And Christmas in Ridgeland
Brennan (17), Natalie (15), Ellie (13), Thomas (19)

With Grandma and Grandpa

And Natalie who was crowned this past year in the Miss Mississippi teen pageant

And Christmas in Tylertown

 All the Great Grandkids
Rei'dynn, AvaGrace, Tanner, Audrey Beth, Keller, Noah, (Bailey), Thomas, Natalie, Danielle, and Brenna

And then the whole family minus Brittney and Magan who had to work!  We're at 29 family members now on my dad's side and it's awesome to get together once a year!

Back home for college football, taking down the Christmas stuff, relaxing, and gearing up for the best year ever - 2020!

Went went out to a new brewery in town for a taco truck / beer flight New Year's Eve early night out with Ginger, John, Violet, and Todd. 

 Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

November 2019

November was a chilly month here in Indiana!  I was thrilled to have everyone home for a couple of days over Thanksgiving, and to share the day with friends.  We are looking forward to Christmas in Mississippi with family!

Brennan continues with the church's hand bell choir and he is wrapping up his year as a Deacon.  He's also finishing up his senior project which is a project at the church, so he's staying busy! 

His first college acceptance came in - Indiana University!  Waiting on 3 more, but we will have to wait until January most likely.

It snowed in early November!  Boo!  Although it was pretty for a day.

We enjoyed our Wine Club get together in November.  Roger and Jan hosted the Beaujolais Nouveau 2019 where we tasted this year's harvest.  A great night with wonderful friends.

We celebrated some special birthdays in November.  
Grandma Carolyn turned 83!

 And we got to be a part of two 50th birthday events!  Jodi and Ginger.  Happy birthday ladies!

And Thomas came home to Thanksgiving with us.  His friends in Indy had a Friendsgiving, and then his high school friends had one at Alec's house in town as well.  He was ready for some snuggle time with his puppies though before returning to "study" for the rest of the long weekend.  

Remy and Thomas

Remy is always by my side :)

Sweet Bailey

Possibly begging for Thanksgiving leftovers

My 5 Guys!

We recreated a pilgrim photo from 10 years ago.  I appreciated the boys being game!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with our friends the Borowskis and Towsleys - including Scott's parents from Florida!  

The turkey was incredible - based on at recipe and carving video on Bon Apetit.  It's a winner!

Happy December!