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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

November 2021


November just flew by.  Lots of fun, but lots of work too.  Here are some highlights.

We saw Kevin Costner at the Brown County Music Theater.  Did you know he sings?  Laura and I got tickets for us and the guys because they watch Yellowstone.  Kevin Costner was very aware that the women dragged the men there and that the men knew none of his songs.  It was a fun night in Little Nashville.

The venue is really great too - not a bad seat in the house and really comfortable.

I did not realize I was such a big Kevin Costner fan, but then I remembered the poster in my dorm room at Cottey College.  I think I was a Crash Davis (Bull Durham) fan more than anything.

Oh and it turns out Tricia Yearwood and Garth Brooks were in the audience that night.  Tricia's nephew who pops up on her cooking show from time to time works for Cummins so we see him pretty regularly, and she is in town sometimes too.

A couple of nice hikes at Brown County State Park.  Amazing how much the leaves change in just a week.

Our book club, the Litwits, headed to Hog Molly brewery last month.  Great conversation, food, and spirits.

We celebrated Karen's 65th at Board and Brush in Greenwood.  
I made a nice wooden tray that I use downstairs.  Other friends made seasonal decorations.  It was a lot of fun!

On the drive to the Kevin Costner concert our friend Jan told us about seeing the Beatles in the front row in Indianapolis when she was a senior in high school - 1964.  I couldn't believe it!  I asked if she had seen one of my favorite movies, "That Thing You Do".  She hadn't!  So we had Roger, Jan, Gene, and Laura over for dinner and a watch party.  So fun!

The boys love it when I go in our little theater room.  They have their own seats :)

Thanksgiving was great.  Thomas and Brennan were both home for a few days.  We cooked together, had some meals together, played some games, watched tv, it was terrific.  Thanksgiving Day we spent with our friends the Borowskis and Towsleys as we do most years.  We also spent time with the Lirettes since Ginger's birthday was on Thanksgiving!

It looks like this was the only Thanksgiving photo I took, with David's sample of Mike's craft beer.

And finally, a magnificent tree a couple of weeks ago.  I had to stop the car and walk to get a good photo.  Just beautiful!

And David captured this photo of Remy after Thanksgiving break.  I feel the same.  Work is incredibly challenging right now.  I get through knowing we have some fun adventures in the works.  Bring it on!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

October 2021


October was so much fun!  The weather is always still pretty great in Southern Indiana.  We enjoyed a lot of time with family and friends.

We had a "Ted Lasso" watch party with our friends.  We LOVE the show and it was so fun to plan.  Theme parties make me very very happy.

Eric and Cindy with their visors in honor of Ted

Violet and Todd dressed for the show

The boys came home for a couple of days for their Fall Breaks (which did not really line up).  Brennan surprised us with a beard!

We loved spending some quality time with them and the dogs especially liked the extra attention!

I mean really :)

We celebrated David's birthday with friends at dinner.  A really fun night!

Brittany and I hosted our 2nd RomCom Love podcast show at YES Cinema!  We had a lot of friends in attendance.  We all watched "Miss Congeniality" on the big screen and then recorded our 58th episode!

Brittany welcoming everyone

Our wine club had a great visit to Indy.  We started at Pins Mechanical in the old BottleWorks district where we played duckpin bowling and pinball while watching football of course.  Then we headed to dinner at Union 50.  Such a fun night!

David and I sat out on the front porch for Halloween.  Do you see our little helpers in the window?

And I finished all my vaccines - 3 Moderna, 2 Shingles, and 1 Flu.  Done for the year!

Hope you're having a great November!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

September 2021

 It was nice to have the boys home for a couple of days for Fall Break.  Brennan heads back to Purdue today.  They both are doing homework, mid-term projects and studying for mid-terms but I'm sure it was nice to have a couple days off from classes.

Over Labor Day weekend they were home for a short time as well. 

We went on an excursion to see the new Exhibit Columbus artwork.  

Our friend Ginger had a surprise 60th birthday party for her husband John.  We helped with the big surprise (especially surprising since his big day is not until November).

Remy and I were goofing around one day.

Girlfriends and I went to see Michael Buble in concert in Louisville. Such a great night!

John and Ginger are enjoying the Jeep life.  We joined them at Hard Truth Hills for a Sunday outing.  Such fun!

David and I took a quick trip to Naples, FL for a get-away.  My girls trip to Austin was cancelled since they were at Level 5 at the time and the doctor in our trip was not excited about the risk.  Our friends loaned us their gorgeous condo right on the beach.  We ate all the seafood, watched football, and read on the beach.  It was heaven.

We had dinner with friends at 4th Street Bar before the 4th Street interactive presentation took place in honor of our county's Bicentennial.  It was very very cool!

For Father's Day I got tickets to the Purdue/Illinois game.  David and the boys had a great time.  I stayed home with step throat but hope to go again soon.

Book Club was held outdoors at Todd and April's around the firepit.  We discussed "The Last Train to Key West" on a gorgeous fall night.

Happy Fall Y'all!