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Sunday, June 2, 2019

May 2019

The sun is out and it finally warmed up in May!  It was a fun-filled month.  Here are a bunch of photos!

On the same day as Brennan's junior prom, Thomas moved out of his dorm, got a new-to-him car, and moved back for the summer.

Graduation party season is in full-swing.  We attended Eric's first at the Inn at Irwin Gardens.  I've enjoyed attending these as a family.

Brennan has a new job!  He and his friend Vivek were in orientation and I had to snap a quick pic!

David and I hosted the wine club at Brown County State Park.  There was a reprieve in the rain for a few hours and it was just perfect!

Laura and I headed out to Karen's beautiful home to see all the plants in their "May-state".  Karen is a natural and the grounds are gorgeous!

I accomplished one of my 50x50 items - walking the Big Four Bridge in Louisville.  It was a hot day, but a lot of fun!

David and I started hiking again now that the craziness of work, travel, Prom, school, yard work, etc. are done or manageable.  But after finding a bunch of ticks (on everyone but me), I'm thinking we need to find wide path hikes.  The dogs, though, love it!

I took the boys on a quick shopping trip and they were good sports, so I fed them, which makes painful shopping worth it!

Thomas taught himself to bake bread for a speech class.  His bread was delicious!

I had a great time on a girls trip with Karen, Karen, Vinita, and Mary.  Karen hosted us at their condo in Naples, Florida and we had a wonderful time!

View from the master bedroom

Air Boat tour in the Everglades

After we planned the girls trip, David found out he was heading to San Diego and Palo Alto for work.  I realize the boys are 17 and almost 19, but my first thought was to get a sitter.  They did great, the dogs were fed and everyone made it look easy. Phew.

I've been on walk breaks with friends most days lately.  Here are some photos I've taken when we weren't rained out.

Grandma and Grandpa had a great trip to Italy to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary a couple of months early.  I loved seeing all the photos!

Hope you're having a great summer!