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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

April 2017

April started as it always does - with a prank on the boys.  This was the donut box they opened on Saturday, April 1st.

Don't worry - they got real donuts too!

We participated that morning in the Autism 5K (the guys running and me behind the scenes).

Then David and I met wine club friends in Indianapolis for lunch at Milktooth and a fantastic Bloody Mary...

Then the opening of the Beer Garden at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  A wonderful day!!

Brennan got his driver's permit!

 And started Driver's Ed.

And he started driving David and me!  He has a year before he can get his license, so we'll have plenty of driving practice time.

Thomas wore a tux jacket to school to advertise for prom tux rentals for a local men's shop.  Got half off his tux and had a lot of fun!

David is running more and more.  He finished his 3rd half-marathon in Bloomington on a brisk Saturday morning.  Came home and did yard work and then hiked an expert level hike with Brennan the next morning.  Here he's relaxing with Mr. Bailey.

Sadly and unexpectedly, my Aunt Hilda passed away in April.  While it was great to see my extended family for her service, it was just totally unexpected and heartbreaking.  Here she is in Spain a few years ago with her brothers - my dad and Uncle Zack.
 I participated in a wellness challenge month with friends from work.  Here we are on ColumBikes one pretty afternoon.

Thomas and I learned how to run a cash register at our new jobs the same week in April!  Here he is at The Hanger where he works as a host on the weekends.  Obviously I had to snap a quick photo because The Hanger is very popular and he stays busy!

After a crazy week and a quick trip to Louisiana, I got to make another quick trip with friends to see Brandi Carlile at the Ryman in Nashville.  The Ryman may be my favorite venue ever.  It was a great concert.  We'll have to go back when we have more than a day!

We didn't get a single group photo - I told you, this was a quick overnight trip.  But here I am saving our seats while the others head to the restroom (i.e. bar).

My mom sent a wonderful Easter basket to us - we've all enjoyed the treats included in it.  Everything has been absolutely delicious!

I finished a project that I was contracted to lead.  A year in the making - curating a special building in town.  Grand opening coming later this month!

And April means the 5,000 tulips are in bloom at the Miller House.  Loved this shot with the tulip reflections in the screen.