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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Thomas Graduates!

I just have to share photos from Thomas's graduation this past weekend.  We're so proud of Thomas.  We had a party with family and friends and the partying continues.  More to come!  And he's already attended two-day orientation at his university!  What a great weekend.  Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Thomas.


Natalie with flowers for Thomas after the big event.


And me, 30 years (and 2 days) ago.  Thomas and I both graduated at 17 - I just had more flowers to show for it :) #hawaii


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 2018

I say that every May, but this year, seriously!
We opened our new training facility.  4 months prior this was a dock and it has been transformed.  It's been great but sooo much work to get it ready.  In addition to getting the space ready, we had a big open house and then welcomed our first wave of participants.  Crazy busy at work these days, but it's good.

I've already shared the Prom photos from that weekend, but then I hosted a shower for my friend Katelyn.  It was lovely and such a nice afternoon.

We all helped on a local campaign and we won the primary!  Here is Brennan sitting with the candidate, also his calculus teacher, discussion either Linear Algebra or polling statistics!

Thomas did an awesome job on his Senior Project presentation in front of a panel of judges.  His project, developing a military discount for retired and active duty military families for the Philharmonic was a success!  Great job Thomas!  One of the big requirements for graduation at our schools.

 Ringing the bell after successfully passing the Senior Project requirements is a rite of passage!

David planned a nice luncheon out for Mother's Day!  We went to a traditional English tea house for Mother's Day brunch after church.  It was delicious!

I got up with the rest of the world to watch the Royal Wedding.  It did not disappoint!  Later David and Brennan watched the taped version with me.

Lobsterfest!  The important fundraiser for the Philharmonic, and my favorite meal of the year!  Lobster, New England clam chowder, mussels, potatoes, blueberry crumble.  So yummy and always a great time in our community.  

Bailey had a great time at Maltipoolooza!  A fun time with other maltipoo friends.  This time Maggie, Jack, and Riley joined us.

Our church does a wonderful service each year for the high school graduates.  I made the video this year and I teared up, no doubt.  Cake in the gym afterward is always a hit.

Thomas's last day of high school!  So hard to believe...

Kelly and Sam hosted our wine club - an Indy 500 themed party for our Indiana group.  It was so much fun with yummy treats and trivia (I was NOT the winner!)

Sam and David

And while David and Brennan spent Memorial Weekend visiting family in Mississippi, Thomas and I hit a ton of graduation parties, including Natalie's...

...and Rissa's!

And then Brennan's last day of Sophomore year! 
Speaking of, let me close out this post with a link to our local newspaper.  Brennan earned a perfect score on the ACT and the newspaper ran a great article on this achievement.  So proud of Brennan!