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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

September 2016

It's fall, y'all!  We had a great September with a decision to move, a quick offer on our current house,  band, cross-country, time with friends, and LOTS of cleaning out and cleaning!

Marching band is in full-swing right now.  Lots of evening practices, all day Saturday events, and getting in at 2 a.m.  Brennan is doing well in the pit, playing the double bass synthesizer.  The theme is "slither" and the band has placed highly this season.

When we're not at band practices, invitationals, band pitch-ins or football games, you might find us at cross-country events!  Thomas PR'd mid-season and has really enjoyed running with the team.  Pasta parties, junior meet-ups and movie nights, overnight meets...

And speaking of running, David ran his second half-marathon in September at the Mill Race Race!  I was so proud of him - he did well and took several minutes of his time from last year.  If I recall, he came home that Saturday after running 13 miles and did yard work!

This year I volunteered to be in the bike patrol at the race.  I loved it!  I must have biked 20 miles.  It was great!

Thomas, Bailey, and I went to the lake with friends over Labor Day weekend while David and Brennan headed to Mississippi to see Grandma Carolyn.  It is always a great time at the like.  Thomas learned to water ski and jet ski. 

I hosted an event for The Philharmonic that was well attended.  Recruiting and thanking all of our volunteers. 

I led a few special tours in September including a large group of business and community leaders from Frankfort, KY. 

And I led the architecture learning portion of an Architecture & Asana program with my friend and yoga instructor Sarah.  We had a ball!

 Someone is getting VERY close to Dad's height!

As always, we had a ball with our wine club in September.  Karen and Jeff hosted us for some delicious food and an evening of Polynesian Dance.  It was sooo much fun!

The Indiana Bicentennial is this year.  The torch came through town and several of our friends were torchbearers.  It was a fun celebration on a pretty Sunday afternoon.

Thomas and his friend Colin won the Physics Cardboard Boat Race this year.  This is a rite of passage at the boys' high school in physics. The themes were incredible.  And the boats were so cool.  It was quite a bit of work and I think Thomas loved the experience.

Speaking of Thomas, he got his license and has been enjoying his Jetta!  Except for a couple of minor hiccups, it's gone very well and he's been a good driver.   

David and I enjoyed another Cabaret at the Commons.  This time with Aaron Lazar who has a beautiful voice, we knew from a couple of recent movies and tv shows like The Good Wife and The Wolf of Wall Street, and was really funny.  My favorite tunes were a couple he sang from his time in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.  But I loved that he sang a variety of tunes.

And finally, I had a very full weekend attending and volunteering at Exhibit Columbus.  Loads of designers and architects attended the first annual symposium.  It was such a treat to meet Robert A.M. Stern and Deborah Berke.  The panels were great and I learned a ton.

We are in the middle of our move now so it's been super busy.  Photos of the new house next month!

Oh, but here's Bailey!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016

In early August the boys headed back to school.  It doesn't seem possible but we have a Junior and a Freshman in the house!  They're off to great starts this year.  Thomas is running cross-country and Brennan is in marching band.  So we're staying extra busy!

The Litwits celebrated our 50th book ("Me Before You") with a special night at Tricia's farm.

Niece Natalie was crowned Miss Upper Elementary in the Miss Mississippi Pageant!

And Thomas got his braces off!

My cocktail crew celebrated with Mules by the Pool on a hot day in August.

And several friends got together to cheer on Gina of Pomp&Bloom florist as she was recognized by the Chamber of Commerce.

A portion of our wine club got together for the first annual Craft Beer Brew Fest and then headed out for dinner, enjoying the Chef's Table at Henry Social Club!

The family welcomed little cousin Harper Noble!  Isn't she beautiful?!

Bailey and I spent a large part of the month driving someone to school, waiting after band, going to cross-country practice...  We got some walks in while we waited.

Speaking of cross-country.  The team is having a great year.

Bailey wondered "Where is Daddy?" during David's 2 week trip to Dubai.

Google Maps showed us we were indeed across the world from each other.

My frequent view in the car.  A boy and his dog.  Bailey loves a car ride.

Bailey got to go to his first Canines and Cocktails event at Hotel Indigo.  He had a blast.  So did Thomas and I!

What a treat seeing Broadway's Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp on stage at the Cabaret at the Commons.  Such great seats too!  They are funny, sensitive, talented guys.  I loved that I knew so much of their music!

I got to hang with them at the after party as well.  Dolls!

I've enjoyed high school football games this year, especially to cheer on my favorite synthesizer player!

A very special event in August was my trip to Amelia Island with Renee, Lisa, and Evalyn.
I love, love, love Amelia Island and was so happy to get to spend some quality time with these amazing women

Sunset on the Atlantic

Renee and me

I am at my happiest with a view like this one :)

The forecast called for rain, but it turned out to be a perfect sunny day!

Bonnie, Renee, Lisa, and Evalyn

We took a few drives around the gorgeous island.

And had some yummy seafood

The downtown area is really charming

After a day in the sun and a great night catching up

I'm ready to head back!

And the movie filming continued!  Last month I shared a couple of photos of mine and Thomas's day of being an extra (and screenwriter consultant!) with the likes of John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, and Julia Sweeney!

The filming continued in August and recently wrapped up.  Can't wait to see "Columbus" the movie on the big screen!

John was around town a lot and he had the nicest things to say about our community.

Filming at The Miller House for a day was a highlight for me!

I was an extra in 4 scenes that day with awesome people like John Cho, Parker Posey, Master Chef Edward Lee, and actor Wynn Reichert.  Plus some of my favorite local people!

About to film an outdoor scene.  Parker and John are behind us, getting adjusted before "Background!  Rolling!"

Interior Scene

The fabulous Parker Posey who I've loved since "As the World Turns" and "You've Got Mail" 20+ years ago!  There she was, spending the day with me :)

Parker Posey's McDonald's iced coffee :)

Dinner in town one night


The crew party was a ton of fun.  John had just purchased this Indiana cutting board and he posed with our mayor.  It looks like the mayor's giving John the key to the city in the form of a cutting board.  I think I had a lame idea for this pose.

Haley and John did this Faceswap during the Crew Party and she put it on Instagram later.

And I had taken the photo of them taking the faceswap at the party!

Pretty awesome experience to be involved with this movie paying homage to the architecture and the community spirit.  Also glad that Thomas got to be a part of it all!

Oh, did I mention Bailey could be in the movie?  They asked me to bring him for one scene shot at a park.  We're running around chasing a ball.  He was at his most adorable that day and didn't growl at anyone :)