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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I've been getting excited about Spring Cleaning. Have I mentioned that I love to organize, make lists, and weed out? Love it, love it.

This is the longest I have ever lived in one house - 4.5 years. I'm sort of itching to move or travel or something. Well before this time we would have fixed/cleaned up the house to sell it. I'd like to have a home that is in the state we want it and not wait until we are moving to make changes.

Then I read Sarah on Clover Lane's spring cleaning how-to and I got really excited.

Sarah gets a cute notebook each spring and makes a page for every room, closet, deck, patio, flower bed, etc. in their home. And then makes a to do list for each space. She spends the year working on the lists. She's motivated by having the put-together and organized house that she's always wanted - and not just because they are moving again.

I love this idea. I always have lots of "to do's" in mind for my house, but have never organized these by rooms. Love lists, love getting organized, love accomplishing my list!

So, step one is complete - I got a super cute notebook at Target a couple of weeks ago. Step two - then I had fun by making a sheet for each room, hallway, closet, flower bed, patio... from our house. Step three - I made a great start of a to do list for each list. And then I.... got completely overwhelmed.

So the cute little notebook has been put away for a little while but I still love the idea and will begin to tackle one small thing at a time, one day soon.

But right now I'm going to focus on getting over bronchitis and playing piano with Brennan.

1 comment:

Xazmin said...

Cute notebooks are the best! Somehow my notebooks always disappear! Then I find them months later with EVERY page doodled on!

I have a goal to organize every space in my house this year - hope I make it!