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Monday, December 13, 2010

Curtains and Valances

David and I have been thinking about house projects the last few months.  We have a great home but it is certainly dated in some respects.  We don't want to spend a fortune but would like to make some improvements here and there. 

I shared with you a couple of months ago that I was trying to decide what to do about the oak overload.  Because I can't imagine painting all the trim in this rather large house, I decided to try to minimize the overload and embrace the "cottage" feel that the house has, nestled in the woods.

Here are windows in the living/dining room when we first bought the home 6 years ago.

And today. 

I'm really liking the valances that we had made from Pottery Barn panels. 

Another view (hey little 3 year old Justin)

And today.  We went with panels on the side window and made valances out of panels for the other windows.  The fabric is actually a yellow wheat but it works well with the taupe paint color.  And we got to keep David's beloved shade on the side window which helps with late afternoon sun in the summer.

I made a couple of mosaics - double click to enlarge.  The photos on the left are from 2004.  Middle is earlier this fall.  Third photos in the mosaics are today.

We've still got lots of othe projects "brewing", but for now I'm glad to have these up and like how they make the rooms feel cozier.  I feel like the oak is not nearly as slap-me-in-the-face as it was before in this room. 

I would love your feedback - Thanks!

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