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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teacher Christmas Gift Idea

I saw this gift idea in a magazine at the doctor's office last year.  A teacher posted that it was her favorite gift of all time - practical and cute.  I have seen them around on various blogs as well. 

Decorated hand sanitizer bottles.  Love it!

At our school the PTO hangs felt Christmas trees on the teachers' doors and give them 30+ Christmas die cuts to decorate it with.  Teachers write something that they'd like for the classroom on the die cuts and the kids are allowed to take one or two home if Mom and Dad are OK with that.  The librarian, art teacher, PE coach, etc. also do the same.  Everybody had hand sanitizer on their wish list this year.  So, I decided to dress them up and have the boys deliver them.

I thought about doing a Christmas theme, but that's only good for another few days of school.  So instead I'm doing school theme (black and gold, Pirates) or subject theme (Music) so the teachers can refill them and leave them out all year if they'd like.

The monogram stickers are puffy.  The music varieties are for the boys' music teacher at school and piano teacher. 

TIP - don't buy Target brand hand sanitizer for this project.  I'm not crazy about the orange top (unless one of your school colors is orange I guess!) and the Target labels are impossible to get off.  I found that the Walgreens brand hand sanitizer works best - labels come off easily with minimal Goo Gone needed.

I hope the teachers like these and avoid colds and flu season this year!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Bonnie, I love this idea. I am going to link this over @ my post about teacher gifts. LOVE IT!

Ricki Jill

Joan said...

As a former teacher, I love your gift ideas. I am sure each teacher will too!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Great idea. I work in schools and hand sanitizers are everywhere so this gift will get used for sure.