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Monday, February 28, 2011

March Goals

This year I started setting monthly goals and tracking them on the right side of my blog.  That's been working out really well.  So let's check in and see how I did on February's goals.

February Goals
1.  Celebrate my 40th birthday! - I definitely did!  We had a great trip to Key West and I got to celebrate with friends and family!
2.  Remodel 2 bathrooms - have you ever worked with a contractor?  This spills over to the next month again, but I understand this is actually starting on Wednesday.
3.  Work on 2 room painting projects - no, I have put these projects off for the time being
4.  Finish spring cleaning the house - more or less, I've got a few areas to finish up but I feel like I accomplished a ton on this goal
5.  Hang our new kitchen curtain - no, but I've got it and am ready to hang it
6.  800 minutes/exercise - Yes!
7.  Experiment with new photography tips - Our trip to Key West gave me lots of opportunities to read a little more and practice using different settings on my camera.  I've been happier with my results lately.

Four out of seven ain't bad!  It was a tough month for all of us and am ready to kick off March with new goals.


March Goals
Remodel 2 bathrooms
Enjoy Spring Break with family
Continue great exercise program I've started
Read 2nd Digital Photography book
Clean and seal main floor tile grout
Hang Kitchen Valance
Decide on Bathroom Window Treatment

Happy March!


Anna said...

congrats on completing all that exercise, that is awesome!
Enjoy your March!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Bonnie, you are going through your lists like a hot knife through butter! I still have not achieved a single one of my 2011 goals *sadface*

Congrats, Bonnie :D