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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What We're Reading Party and a Give-away!

Welcome to our first What We're Reading Blog Party!
Ricki Jill and I will be hosting this party every month. 
We hope you'll join us because good books and good friends make for a great party!

Because we were on vacation earlier in the month, I had a chance to do some serious reading.
I picked up some great airplane/pool reading this time around.

I've mentioned the Stone Barrington series before.  Good mysteries, engaging stories, pretty predictable, but that's OK.  This was probably one of the best that I've read in the series, taking place on an insland in Maine.  It was great action/mystery right up to the last page.

At the library this one caught my eye and I snatched it up too.  Better to have too many books on a trip than too few, right?
I started this book on the airplane on our way to Key West, and lo and behold this one took place entirely in Key West!  We ended up seeing several places that are mentioned in the book.  We even had the conch fritters at the Raw Bar (where Stone and his buddy Dino ate throughout the book).

I believe I've read all of Dan Brown's other books, like The DaVinci Code, but had yet to read The Lost Symbol.  I have to say I did not like this one as much as I liked the others.  I did like the historical elements, the enlightening facts about D.C., and the fast pace mystery style of the book.  But there were more parts that I had a hard time with.  The "collective consciousness" theme felt preachy and pretty repetitive.  I had a hard time suspending belief with this story.

David heard about this book recently in the Wall Street Journal and got it for me for my birthday.  While vacationing we both read it.  It is a book from Finland, written in 1975, and has become somewhat of a cult classic in Europe.  It's about a man who is stumbling through a rather unhappy life and completely leaves that life when he clips a hare while driving down a country road.  It reads like a fable and was entertaining. 

It's been a long time since I've read a John Grisham, so I had to catch up, starting with The Associate.  I enjoyed this story a lot - reminded me of The Firm which I read in grad. school when I desperately needed some reading-for-pleasure time.  David gave me The Firm and I loved the break from reading only for school.  Anyway, The Associate is about a Yale law student who is blackmailed into taking a corporate law position in order to help rig an important trial.  It was such a fast read and I was hooked from the very beginning.  I like John Grisham's writing style a lot and this was a nice return for me to his books.

And, now the Give-away!
I would love to share The Year of the Hare with one of you!  If you are interested please leave a comment and I'll randomly draw a name on February 25th.

So, what are YOU reading?  Leave us a comment and link below!
We'll leave the link open until February 25th.

Happy Reading!
~~Bonnie and Ricki Jill

What We're Reading

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Honey at 2805 said...

Hi Bonnie! You certainly got a lot of interesting reading done on vacation. Like you, I can easily read 6 books on vacation. Enjoyed your recommendations and will look in later for more reviews. And I too need a book on digital cameras. I'm following you.

Sharon said...

Interesting recommendations as always. The Year of the Hare looks fascinating!

Wendy said...

Hey, Bonnie. The books you've read all sound very good! I'll be sure to check back when I need a new one. I haven't read many actual books lately, but I just started Rocket Boys, by Homer Hickam. I've been wanting to read it for awhile since he grew up in the county next to the one I grew up in and he also went to Va Tech.