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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mississippi Christmases 2012

We had a wonderful time in Mississippi visiting family over the holiday. 
Goofy things going on with my camera throughout the trip, but here are the best of the best.
Thomas (12), Brennan (10), Ellie (7), Taylor (11) 
Taylor, Donna, and Ellie
Our Family
Jane Maria, Sara Brady, and Elizabeth
The cousins table in Canton, including Jane Marie
Elizabeth helped wrap Brennan's gift from Nancy and Joe using Brennan's signature style - a package wrapped in a package wrapped in a package...
We love these Perplexus toys!
Daniel and David studying the first the boys received.
 The cousins from oldest to youngest -
Sara Brady, Thomas, Elizabeth, Taylor, Brennan, and Ellie
The "grandkids" generation
Including Christopher, Amanda, and Daniel posing like his 3 year old self
Carolyn and her nieces - Nancy, Nina, and Allison
Donna, Carolyn, and David
The "kids" generation - Nancy, Allison, Donna, David, and Nina
Grandma/Granny and her grandkids
Our family 
Danielle loves her new Barbie radio!
Thomas and Danielle
Natalie and Sunny - we all fell in love with Sunny!
Even David!
Audrey Beth and Natalie 
Thomas, Danielle, David, Sunny, and Natalie
Brittney and Magan
Uncle Milton, Misty, and Blair
Bradley and Aunt Rosemary
The kids table
Danielle, Thomas, Audrey Beth, Noah, Tanner, and Natalie
Wade and Brennan
Our family with Mamaw
It was really great to see everyone over the holidays. 
We love our Mississippi family!

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