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Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Family Christmas 2012

Well, the boys started back to school today, so technically I'm a little late getting the Christmas photos out!

We had a really great Christmas holiday, but it's back to the school/sport/activity schedule now - I think we could have all used another day to sleep in!

Our Christmas break started one day early this year because of snow and very icy roads.
No one was complaining though - the boys had a ball in the snow.

Here Brennan stamped out Merry Christmas Mom to me so I can see it from the office window. 

So sweet! 

He got out the leaf blower and had a ball blowing snow.

When we got back from Mississippi, we had a bunch more snow.  Thomas enjoyed building a number of snowmen.
On the 22nd Santa came!  We spent a day enjoying our new gifts and getting ready for our week-long trip to see our family and celebrate more.
Brennan was THRILLED to wake up to see that Santa brought him the Wii U that he was dying for.
He was sooo excited!
Santa put Bacon Mints, along with other bacon items, in his stocking.
Thomas got a bacon shirt among his gifts.
He's already worn this several times, including to youth group last night.

 And a Mine Crafters shirt (it's an online video game world - he and his friends are really into it).
We opened lots and lots of gifts and had a wonderful time spending the day together.
One of my favorite gifts - this note from Thomas.
Infinity hugs for Mom this year.
More Christmas photos coming soon!

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Ginger Zuck said...

Looks like your Christmas was Merry. Great pictures!