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Monday, August 19, 2013

Recent Photos

Hi, I just wanted to share some of the latest photos before I get so far behind I can't think straight!
"Update Blogs" has been on my to-do list for a couple of weeks now.
August is starting to settle down some for me, so here goes!
Brennan attended Strings Camp earlier this summer and we received a bunch of great photos the other day.  While I've already shared a couple that I took, I wanted to share these as well.
Brennan with Logan and his class of first-year violinists.

Brennan's official Strings Camp 2013 Photo
While they learned a strings instrument all morning, they got to have a ton of outdoor fun during lunch and the afternoon - including swimming, putt-putt, playgrounds, and "free play".  A bunch of kids built a "bridge" across this little creek.  You see Brennan crossing the log.

During the end of week concert this was one of my favorite parts. 
The cellos learned to play the Darth Vader music and these little kids came out and reenacted a pivotal scene from Star Wars.  It was so cute.
During one of the mornings the kids learned about harmonizing and rhythm.  Here's Brennan performing with his former piano teacher and two of his kids.  Brennan won the "harmonizing star" for his excellent work.
Brennan tried out and was accepted into our city's Children's Choir this year.
It is run by the Indianapolis Children's Choir in conjunction with our local Philharmonic.
He has a couple of friends who are in it.  It's a big deal with lots of practices and concerts.
I think it'll be great for him!
Just into the school year we hosted the 6th Grade Breakfast - a great way to kick off the last year of elementary school.  Here are our school's 6th Grade Teachers.  Brennan's teacher is on the far right.  We love her.

6th Grade Breakfast (that's his sling around his neck)
Brennan got to trade his long cast and sling for a short cast a couple of weeks ago.  And HOPEFULLY this week he'll get the cast removed and move to a brace.  Almost there!
Our local Sprint and Olympic Triathlon took place a couple of Saturdays ago.  I signed the boys and me up to volunteer that morning with traffic duty.  Because they can't be woken up that early on a Saturday morning, I covered the shift by myself.  It was really inspiring to see all sorts of people in the triathlon.  Maybe I could do it???

After half a summer of not playing, Sachmo got his trumpet out and entertained us last weekend.  He's enjoying his 3rd year in band.
Thomas is also on the Cross-Country team at his middle school.  This is the first school sport he's been in and he's doing so well!!
His team has been running Monday-Friday for an hour and a half for 3 weeks now.  His first meet is on Saturday out of town.
The team regularly runs 2 miles.  His PR (personal record) for the 3K (1.86 miles) is 17.05 minutes.  He's determined to get below a 9 minute mile soon.  He's doing really, really well!

Last week Thomas and his mission trip buddies spoke to the adults at church about their summer mission trip.  We couldn't get over how poised and thoughtful Thomas's responses were.  We headed out to a new Cajun restaurant for lunch after church.

With me bathing Brennan in the tub each night (because of his cast), his long-ish hair was always looking rough (see photos of Brennan above!)  So at his last appointment I asked Miss Kristen to please help a Mama out.  Brennan loves his new short cut.  David says he looks like Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

Friday night we headed to Indy for the Indians baseball game.
Also downtown we ran into all sorts of people in cool costumes who were at the Convention Center for Gen Con (comic convention).  I think the boys would have preferred to check out Gen Con than the baseball game!
We met up with our friends Jackie, Matt, and son Tom (in Brennan's class) for a really fun night of baseball and fireworks.
We were all exhausted Saturday morning!


Saturday night we played poker and watched a movie.
Here little brother is picking on big brother by sitting in his chair.  You see Brennan thinks he's hilarious.  Thomas is not giving up his chair though, but still very patient with little brother.

Always suspicious when Brennan says he doesn't need any more cards in 5 Card Draw.  Well, no wonder.  Look what I dealt him!
Hope you're having a great August!

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looks like you have been having lots of fun!