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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Running, Boating, and Swimming

That about sums up our last couple of weeks.
Photos to share!
David took Brennan out to dinner one night to Mark Pi's.  The chef was so nice!  David mentioned Brennan's interest in cooking and he came out and showed how to make a rose from a carrot.  Then he brought out beautiful cheesecakes for David and Brennan.  So thoughtful.  It was quite a treat!

Brennan got his cast off!  He was anxious about the saw they used for about 2 weeks.  Turns out, it was quick and painless!  After a day or two of getting used to his arm again, he's doing great.  You'd never know it was broken!
Grandma Carolyn, this photo is for you.  He's dressed and ready for his first meet this past Saturday.

We all headed north to a big middle school cross-country meet. 
We know so many of the families who participate.  Our school tends to dominate these meets because we have such a large, organized team.
A couple of photos before the race...
 Thomas passed us twice.  The first time I was looking for a shorter kid and he passed me right by!  Here he is at the end of the race though.  He did sooooo well, and definitely PR'd.  He ran 14.56 in the 3K (1.86 miles).  Awesome job!
Here we are heading into the gym for awards.  Brennan always seems to know when I've got the phone out for a photo - he can't resist bunny ears.
Our boys and girls teams won.

Thomas's team at the awards ceremony. 
Two of his coaches up front.

Got my hair pulled up for Wine Club Saturday night.  It never looks this good when I do it.  Took a photo to replicate later.
Our friends Roger and Jan, and Charlie and Jayne hosted a boating pirate-themed wine club Saturday night.  It was so much fun!

We started at Jan and Roger's for appetizers.
(Jayne and Rosann in back, Lora, me, Karen)

Karen, Roger, and Lora

The men!
(Dave, Mike, Jeff, Barry, Greg, Roger, Charlie, David)

The back of Roger and Jan's house as we headed down to the dock.  I love their home.

About to sail the lakes before heading to Jayne and Charlie's for dinner!

I've never been on these lakes.  They were beautiful!

We all sang Yo Ho (a pirate's life for me) a few times over the course of the night.  Charlie led us on trombone and we had sheet music.

Relaxing after dinner at Jayne and Charlie's
(David and Greg)

Mary, Lora, Jan, Vinita

A final round of Yo Ho before heading back to Jan and Roger's for dessert
Charlie, Jayne, Roger

What a FUN night! 
Thomas has had a cold or something for the last 2 weeks.  Finally a doctor friend suggested having him checked for a sinus infection.  Here we are at Walgreens waiting on antibiotics.  Just hanging out, ready to get home.

Because we were having a pool party! 
A bunch of the middle school (and a couple little brothers) youth came to our house for a youth group kick-off party.
Have I mentioned that David refinished the slide this year?  The fiberglass coating was coming up, scratching everyone as they went down.  He did a great job.  It's now a navy blue.

Little kids LOVE Thomas!

Ice Breakers and Youth Group Games

And I always like to show recent gifts.  I have sweet friends.
Rebecca gave me this set.  How adorable!!  The high heel is cosmopolitan mix.  Can't wait to try it out sometime soon!
And aren't these the best wine glasses??
Mike had given Mary one of the red solo cup wine glasses, and I had seen the wine sippy cups online.
I was raving about them to my friend Christine, and lo and behold a package arrived.

Now that we are cast-less, on antibiotics, and well into school and Cross-Country season, life has slowed down a touch.  Hope you are having a wonderful end of August!


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