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Thursday, December 19, 2013

21st Anniversary!

Today David and I are celebrating our wedding 21 years ago tonight!  We opened gifts this morning and are planning a nice dinner out tonight.  We'll celebrate tomorrow night with the boys in Indy.
Just a few of the photos I've scanned over the past few years.  We were married BEFORE digital photos, you know!
David and the Bridesmaids

David and J.T., his best man

Amy and me

After photos but before the ceremony everyone was evidently growing hungry.
Daddy went out to Wendy's and got everyone hamburgers.

Daddy and me right before walking down the aisle

At the reception - the groom's cake

Juan and Hilary

About to toss the bouquet

Donna and our birdseed distributors - Daniel and Christopher

Heading off for our Honeymoon!


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