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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

St. Augustine - October 2013

I am finally catching up on the blog.  I had given up because blogger wasn't allowing me to size my photos the way I am normally able to.  I have tried lost of suggestions, but none of them work.  So - here are my photos in small size unfortunately :)
We had an absolutely wonderful time over Fall Break visiting St. Augustine.  We had never been but it's been on my list for a long time.  I was anxious to spend a little time on the Atlantic, do a little sightseeing, and rest up.  St. Augustine didn't disappoint!
Here we are at a great seafood spot heading to St. Augustine from the airport in Orlando
Thomas and me with our lobster bibs on - ready to dig in!

We had a great hotel right on the beach.
With a wonderful sunset view.

The boys absolutely loved playing in the ocean.

And digging in the sand shelf where we sat to watch the waves.

The men went for a morning beach run.

And we went downtown to sightsee.  Here is the St. Augustine Fort.

And George Street where we enjoyed great tacos, some sightseeing, and a leisurely walk.

I took this photo just to show how they walk.  All hooked together.  So cute. 

In front of the first schoolhouse in America.
Christmas card photo ops!

We also toured the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum.

The stairs up the lighthouse.  David and Brennan braved it.

42 mph winds at the top - Brennan was super brave.

We also went to the Fountain of Youth area.
This is the drive to the entrance.

It was an absolutely GREAT few days.  Then it was on to Kissimmee to meet up with friends and enjoy more wonderful weather!

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