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Monday, July 4, 2016

Seattle - June 2016

After a few days in Vancouver, we headed south crossing the border into Washington State.  The border crossing had a beautiful park and monuments there.  Nothing like the Mexico border crossing!

We decided to take scenic Chuckanut Drive for part of the way from Vancouver to Seattle.  It starts in Fairhaven, Washington - a cute little town where we had a coffee and muffin.  It was a really beautiful day for a scenic drive.

There were great views!

We toured Seattle the next day and got to see so much.  It was a very full day.

And it was Thomas's 16th Birthday!!!

On our group tour we first headed to Snoqualmie Falls, passing Mt. Rainier.

And we toured all the different neighborhoods of Seattle including Fremont Neighborhood.

And the public art Troll under Fremont Bridge.

We went to the locks where salmon were running.  We saw blue heron and seals.

We went up to Kerry Park for the beautiful views.  This is the view from Frasier Crane's condo. 

His condo would have been up on the right side. :)

We saw the original Starbucks!

Then Brennan and I explored Seattle Center where the 1962 World's Fair was built, and we went into two museums there.

Here's a cool shot of the Space Needle.

We spent time at the Chihuly Museum.

Brennan and I highly recommend this museum!

We also toured the EMP Museum right next door.  Great displays on science fiction, the Seattle music scene, and other pop culture themes.  Only got this one outside shot because my phone died at that point!  The very cool building is designed by Frank Gehry.

We got to see Mikayla Stewart for dinner!  She's stationed at Ft. Lewis and spent Sunday evening with us.  It was great to see her and hear about her experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

David took the boys to the Boeing Museum.  Here they are at an older Air Force One.

We went to the Microsoft Headquarters too!

And the Nintendo of America headquarters.  They don't have a Visitors Center like Microsoft had, but we quick stopped for Brennan to have a photo.  The Microsoft Visitors Center is fantastic, by the way.

A really great trip to Seattle!!

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