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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Vancouver - June 2016

We took a great family vacation to Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle last month!  We had a great time, and the weather was awesome, except for one day of rain which we could easily work around.  Here are some shots of our Vancouver portion of the trip.

Flying over the beautiful Rocky Mountains, still snow in June.

On our first full day in Vancouver we took a bus tour of the area.  We started at Stanley Park which is really incredible. 

The lookouts in Stanley Park were beautiful, allowing you to see the other islands that make up Vancouver, and the bays.

We toured all the different neighborhoods and islands in Vancouver and went to the top of the Lookout Tower.  We could see the Olympic stadium from here as well.

We spent part of our time in Vancouver on Granville Island which used to be industrial but is now primarily touristy and made up of harbors and piers.

We had a couple of meals on the island and rented a boat to explore the area around Vancouver.

After boating we stopped at the distillery where kids were welcome!

On the one rainy day of our trip we decided to drive to Whistler mountain and see the sites outside of the city and the Olympic Village for the snow sports.

We had a coffee and scone in Squamish.  It's a quirky little town that reminded me of Cecily, Alaska from "Northern Exposure".

The mountains and sounds were just beautiful along our drive.

It was great to see how all the road signs were written in English and the Squamish language.

At Whistler we went to the Olympic Park and Village.

The rain stopped and we enjoyed a great drive back to Vancouver with lots of stops at the overlooks along the way.  The boys find a chance to hike or explore everywhere we stop!

A wonderful visit to Vancouver!!

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