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Friday, January 6, 2017

December 2016

Of course December was a very full month for us!  Here are some highlights.
The boys had very good semesters in 11th and 9th grades!

Megan Hilty (who is expecting her second child) came to Columbus for the Cabaret at the Commons series.  She and her band performed a Christmas cabaret and she was fantastic!

Robin and I take a photo every year at the Visitors Center volunteer holiday party.  Always a fun event!

We're loving the theater room in our house.  I probably use it less than everyone else.  We chose "My Cousin Vinny" one night and I made dinner to fit the movie.  "Chinese Food" and "Shrimps" and "Grit".

Bailey continues to rule the house.  Everyone is wrapped around one of those cute paws.

Melanie, Erin, Erin, Amber, and I went to Café Batar before they closed for the winter.  Such a great time to go when it's all decorated for Christmas!

Brennan is the second banner holder in this photo from our local newspaper. The Christmas parade took place on a very chilly night!

Mary, Vanessa and I took a class at Pomp 'n Bloom - how to make a Christmas centerpiece.  Mine turned out pretty well I thought!  It was a fun evening.

Litwits (our evening book club) gathered at John and Erin's for a classic movie night instead of a December book night.  They have a fantastic theater room and Erin makes THE BEST popcorn.  Here's the adorable set up before we voted and chose our classic movie.

We watched "White Christmas".  It was an awesome evening, relaxing with friends during this busy month.

I led two evening Miller House tours in December.  They are very special tours and I love being a part of them. 

Thomas agreed to play John the Baptist in the children's Advent program at church in December.  He attended lots of rehearsals and did a great job!  He was funny and very poised.

A special treat to have Santa and Brennan at the Philharmonic's Christmas concert!

Snow Dog

On their way to see "Rogue One" on opening night.  Who's more excited?  Hard to tell.  They loved it.

David and I celebrated 24 years with dinner downtown!

Our wine club gathered for Christmas celebrations and Ginger and John's house.  They are making their own wine now, very cool.  So we tasted the three they currently have ready and which ever one we liked best, we took home as a gift.  Such a fun evening!

We also had a book exchange.  Ginger asked us to bring a gift that had an impact on our lives.  We drew numbers and then the giver told us why they chose that book.  It was meaningful and a lot of fun.

We gathered at the Courthouse on New Year's Even for Kelly's swearing is as Judge.  Very cool to be a part of this part of the political process.  I have a new appreciation for those who put themselves out there in order to better our communities.

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