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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

October 2016

Catching up on the family blog.  I rely on this blog so much for old photos.  So I'm keeping it going!

October 2016 was really the month of Moving & Band.

If we weren't cleaning out our old house and moving into the new house, then we were at a band competition with Brennan.  It was an exhausting month, but a great one, and we managed to celebrate a birthday and have some fun with friends as well.

Here I am as Gloria Steinem at the Women's Giving Circle's annual event.  These masks are so cool!  They had lots of different ones at the selfie station.

We went to Ethnic Expo (annual international food festival) with Bailey and had a great time.  As we were leaving we saw the "no pets" sign.  Oops.  Bailey enjoyed it anyway!

We had a final Kelly Benjamin for Judge "meeting" at our old meet-up place, 4th Street.  It gave us a chance to talk about last minute things before the November election.

The Litwits met at April's to discuss "The Nightingale".

My friend and former neighbor Joan took me to Café Batar - a place I'd been wanting to see for a long time.  It's decorated so cute. 

Wine Club was a special one.  We hosted with Jan and Roger and Charlie and Jayne.  It was David's birthday, and sommelier and friend Joshua Ratliff led a discussion for us on 3 forgotten grapes.  Such a fun night!

Lots and lots of band with Brennan.  All sorts of competitions, football games, and late late nights.  He was a trooper, making it to semi-finals at the Grand Nationals.  Here is the transport vehicle decked out in the year's theme - Slither.

David and I made it to Kelly and Sam's Halloween party.  We picked out our own costumes.  Yep, David was a chicken. 

Not a good sign for a soon-to-be judge!

Jeff the Skittles Guy

Impressive!  Lots of great costumes.  I didn't take enough photos!

Bailey and I left a bowl of candy at the new house because we went to the Mike and Leslee's house again - our 13th annual Halloween in their neighborhood.  Could this be the last year?  It's more of catch up time for the parents vs. the high schoolers and college kids trick-or-treating these days!  But we had a blast anyway.

Thomas was the only one of 5 kids who dressed up, and even he didn't go Trick-or-Treating!

We love our new house, we're so happy that our former house sold so quickly (via facebook!)  We're thrilled to be all settled in.  David's "new house to do list" is dwindling as he finishes project after project.  We enjoyed the holidays in our new home.  And my favorite part - we did a major clean-out as we moved.  I estimate we sold or gave away 20% of our belongings in order to slightly downsize in to the new home.  It's an awesome feeling!

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