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Sunday, March 18, 2018

February 2018

A few fun things from our month last month!
My daytime book club read "Old Heart" by Peter Ferry.  A great suggestion for Valentine's Day.  These heart cookies Sarah served were adorable!
We held a campaign Meet and Greet for a local candidate that David and I are supporting on the marketing side.  He is also Brennan's calculus teacher and a friend from church.  I asked Gina to put together some pretty daisies in a patriotic theme.  Aubrey made District 59 cookies for me.  It was a fun night with great friends. 

Later that weekend we hosted our wine club for the Super Bowl party.  We were all thrilled that the Eagles beat the Patriots.  Again, Aubrey did not disappoint with her adorable cookies, that also taste delicious!

We had so much food.  It was a fun night!
My birthday was great!  47 isn't so bad when you're surrounded by people you love :)
At work, colleagues went above and beyond with special gifts including these gorgeous flowers.

I can't tell you how fun my birthday dinner was.  We had SUCH a blast at Tre Bicchieri. 

Susan, Jenny, and I went to Newfields (formerly the IMA - Indianapolis Museum of Art) for yoga for my birthday.  This was such fun - I will definitely do it again. 

David took the family to Revery in Greenwood for my birthday.  They do such fun things including a popcorn appetizer - popcorn with liquid nitrogen - and cotton candy with your check.  We had a really fun night.

Brennan is becoming a very good driver.  He gets his license one month from today!
He ran me around town to do a bunch of errands one Saturday.  Had to use my Starbucks gift card first, though.

We went to Taku for hibachi for Valentine's Day.  David was in Indy that day so we hung out and took some photos while he made his way to town. 

Valentine's Day is always a little celebration at our house.  David got me new walking shoes and a book I'd been wanting.  We had a fun celebration that night - dinner at home after a month of eating out!

Thomas has made some beautiful art in his Ceramics class this year.  This is one of my favorites!
I had to have a "toecedure" - a procedure done on my big toe.  My surgery dream team of David and Scott.  I hope to be fully healed sometime this month so I can walk if the weather ever turns pretty here in Indiana.  By now it's usually warmer than this!

Snuggles on the couch one day.

The boys wrapped Bailey up in his blanket before school on the day I stayed home with my toe.  I found him still snuggled up about an hour later.  I had to send this to the boys so they could see how Bailey spends his days :)

Thomas and his friend Sydney are going to Prom together in May.  Gina did a beautiful job with these flowers. 

They were a surprise for Sydney.

Have a happy spring!

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