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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March 2018

March included crazy weather, practice driving, college visits, the final quarter of senior year, and lots of fun!
David and I took Brennan on his first official college visit.  He enjoyed his tour and seeing the Math Department at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana!

We went to an arcade and had a good time

We chose the arcade because Brennan told us he would be designing the video game Galaga in his AP Computer Programming class.  Galaga happens to be David's favorite game.  We found it on a big screen!
Brennan and the Math Department at U of I

We also went on a quick visit to Mississippi to visit the grandparents!  I thought these photos of Brennan were especially cute.  Brennan and Grandma Nan looking up something.
Brennan and Grandma Carolyn.  I remember when she used to rock him in the glider!
Listening to a podcast and studying linear algebra.
And driving David and me around town, getting ready for his driver's test next week, and his license in 2 weeks!

We held our 5th annual Guess the Oscars party, just the 4 of us.  AGAIN, David won by 1.  But we all got to celebrate!

And a little Bailey love


We had friends over for St. Patrick's Day and had fun playing the game I made up, Celebrity.

He's getting so big (and I don't mean Bailey)

On a night time drive Brennan took us past the library and I had to take a photo
And then it was off to Chicago with friends to see Justin Timberlake in concert!  What a great couple of days.  Susan and I had terrific seats!

JT was a 2.5 hour non-stop dance party.  Definitely a must see in 2018!!
His stage was awesome and he was out with the fans the entire concert.

Again, great seats!  Thank you Susan!

Chicago may be my favorite big city in the states.  Susan, Gina, Stacy and I had a wonderful time!

We had breakfast at Manny's the next morning.  Delicious!

And the girls introduced me to Cake Bake in Indy for lunch.  Wow - I had never heard of this place.  I'll definitely be back!


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