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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April 2018

More big milestones and a few side trips in April!

We celebrated a chilly Easter with our friends - a tradition spanning at least 13 years.  The "kids" are much older now (3 are in college and 2 are heading there in a few months), but they still like hunting eggs!

Photo of a puppy at the end of an evening with our book club.  Begging for food and looking adorable takes a lot out of a guy.  Here he's resting with Daddy.
We discussed "When Breath Becomes Air" over some delicious Indian food.

April is a very chilly month.  We even had a couple of days of snow.  But finally the trees started to bloom, and now it's in the 80s.  Thank goodness spring finally arrived.

I joined friends for a Harry Potter trivia night downtown.  We helped raise funds for the Child Abuse Prevention fundraiser held every April.  While the "Gryffindor Gals" didn't win, we enjoyed the Butter Beer and a night out.


Brennan had a big month.  He ran a 5K with David

And passed his driving test!

Here we are the day he picked up his license.
And then drove off one evening to tutor.
I met up with Thomas downtown to order his tux for Senior Prom!
And he picked up his cap and gown for graduation!

Both Thomas and Brennan participated in our annual Youth Sunday at church.  It is always incredibly well-written, thought-provoking, and funny.  Here are Thomas and Evan at one point in a skit as "Priest 1 and Priest 2".  In addition, Thomas played the voice of God in another skit, and sang with the youth choir.  Brennan played two hand bell songs and opened the service with a reading.
While I have not been emotional about senior year, when these 5 seniors made their ways to the front row during the last song of their last Youth Sunday, I choked up.  Both of our high school valedictorians are represented here, along with the newest member of the United States Air Force Academy!
David celebrated 25 years with Cummins this month.  We had lunch together at a traditional British tea house.
And then we took off for a beautiful Saturday in Kentucky with part of our wine club.  Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve Distilleries were on the agenda, along with Heirloom in Midway for lunch.


We had so much fun seeing Trevor Noah in Bloomington!  After having seen Jon Stewart AT the Daily Show a few years ago, I couldn't pass up the chance to join our friends Usha and Srikanth for a night out with yummy food, and so many laughs.  Trevor was incredible to see live.

Finally, the Boatwrights were in charge of the photo shoot for the 6 friends' graduation party.  We had fun trying to capture their silliness coolness at the park.  I'm thrilled with the invitations, arriving soon I hope.


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