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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simple Abundance - April

My first boss gave me this book about 12 years ago. I've kept the book through countless moves over the years and I enjoy looking through it every once in awhile.

The author includes suggestions for each month to help us remember to "appreciate life, in all its imperfect excellence".

Here are some Simple Abundance suggestions for April.

~~Remind yourself what it’s like to have fun on All Fools’ Day. Surprise your loved ones and co-workers with whimsy – not practical jokes that embarrass.

~~April is a wonderful month for all kinds of walks, whether in warm spring showers or balmy sunshine. The scent of the earth reawakening and the sight of Mother Nature’s brilliant display of color will rouse and remind you how wonderful it is simply to be alive.

~~Find a refreshing new scent for spring – try rose water, lilac, or lily of the valley. Wear a scent you love everyday.

~~Dye Easter eggs and hide them for children of all ages to hunt.

~~When it showers, curl up under a blanket in the afternoon and listen to the raindrops on the roof.

~~Bake a batch of hot cross buns. Eat jellybeans.

Happy Spring!

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