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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy (early) 7th Birthday, Tom!

Happy Early 7th Birthday, Tom!
Tom had his party at the pottery store this week and we had a really good time.  Our mutual friends are moving to the UK in a few days, so Tom was sweet enough to have his party so they could attend!

There's Tom blowing out his candles.  The cupcakes were a huge hit.  (Wave to Tom's dad Matt in the background)

There's my sweet friend Beth who's about to move to England.  We'll miss you!

The kids loved painting Christmas ornaments for themselves, and a special plate for Tom to remember his party by.

Brennan was super serious about his Christmas tree and snow theme.

Like most of the kids, Thomas enjoyed using the hairdryer to dry between coats.

Happy Birthday buddy, and enjoy that sled this winter!

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