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Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Wrap Up

I set some goals for myself for 2010 - here's my 3rd month wrap up!
~~Finish 1 Knitting Project - I got about 3/4 of the way through with my hat and took it to the knitting store - too many holes to continue.  So I'm ready to start on a scarf!  Plan to get started next week!

~~Learn All Songs in my Piano Book - I haved nailed 5 songs.  I'm a little behind but am focusing my free time on spring cleaning right now.  I'm still practicing pretty regularly though.

~~Participate in the 52 of 52 Mom-in-the-Photo project - Yes!  I've completed all 13 weeks!

~~Successfully Complete 12 No-Spend Weeks - No!  I didn't do one in February or March.  I think I'm going to amend this to 6 No-Spend Weeks this year. 

~~Refurbish 1 piece of furniture - I plan to look for a piece for Brennan's room this spring.

~~Run a 5K - No, I haven't begun my running program yet.  I will probably focus on this in the summer.

~~Go to England California - Got our tickets!  We're going in July!

~~Lose 77 Pounds - I've lost 7 so far.

~~Successfully Transition to a Stay-at-Home Mom - Yes!  I feel like I've done this very easily.  I'm no longer working as of mid-March.  I'm loving it.  I'm filling my days with field trips and time in the boys' classrooms, spring cleaning, meeting up with friends, and lots of time at the gym!

Pretty good I think!  This spring weather is so wonderful - enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend!

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