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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Party 2011

For the 7th year, we enjoyed Easter Sunday afternoon with our good friends the Towsleys and Borowskis.  This year, Scott and Candy hosted our group out at the lake.

We had a reprieve from the torrential rain we've been having for days and days.
We enjoyed a good dry half-day.  The kids loved it - they played outside for hours!

As is our tradition, we share a yummy lunch and then the dads hide 450+ Easter eggs while we keep the kids inside.
Then the kids hunt for eggs filled with money, candy, and all sorts of surprises.

The dads really commit when hiding these eggs.  See Scott climbing the tree?

Here are our impatient egg hunters waiting for the moms to hurry up and finish the photos so they can take off. 
Josh (8th), Justin (3rd), Chris (6th), Thomas (5th)
Rissa (5th), Sara (6th), Brennan (3rd)

See the eggs in the tree?  No one has noticed them yet.

15 minutes later the dads are telling the kids there are still tons of eggs to be found.

This year Candy surprised the kids with an Easter pinata.   
They loved it!

And I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with good friends.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!

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