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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wine Club - Gewurztraminers

Lora and Rob hosted our 3rd Wine Club last night!
It was a wonderful evening.  We had such a great time!
As always, I did not take enough photos.  I vow to improve.

Lora and Rob chose Rob's favorite wine - Gewurztraminer - for our April Wine selection.
We had 7 to taste and rate last night.
3 were purposefully less-expensive and easy-to-find Gewurz's - we were anxious to see if prices effected our choices. 
As always, we did a double blind test with all the wines hidden in the kitchen and brought out one at a time, safely obscured with a numbered bag.

I neglected to take a good photo of the table of delicious food that Lora had prepared for us.
Cheese, vegetables, homemade pesto, fruit salad, etc. etc.
Another hit was Lora's homemade cheesecake (with a hint of Bailey's).
Absolutely delicious! 
I was obviously too busy eating and chatting to think of the camera.

After the scores were tallied, Rob and Lora unveiled the winners - here they are in order. 

The winner (brought by Mike and Mary - AGAIN the winners!) was the Brandborg from Oregon. 

The second was, surprisingly, the Fetzer from California.  And third was the Vin d'Alsace from France.

I don't often drink Gewurztraminers but I found several I really liked and would love to have again. 
My favorite (according to my oh-so-scientific scoring method) was the Fetzer - inexpensive, easy to find, and really good! 

Gewurztraminers have a deep, sweet aroma and are great pairings with Asian foods.  They're a late harvest grape.

The winners of the glass wine stopper winner gift were Mary and Mike.

Don't let Mary fool you in the photo above - she normally looks like this:

I had a blast seeing Lora and Rob's home - it's decorated beautifully - and snuggling with Addie Grace.

David, well, not as much.

Can you tell which of us is lobbying for a dog?!

A huge thanks to our hosts, Rob and Lora, who I neglected to get a photo of.

I'll be a better photographer next time, I promise.
And speaking of next time - Zinfandels!


Cassie said...

That sounds like alot of fun. I have never been to a wine tasting party. I may have to try that. :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Bonnie, I love these wine party posts of yours. And if I have a vote, I say get a puppy! :D

~Ricki Jill

Mary said...

Thanks for the post Bonnie. I do believe that you and I should stop by the pound to pick up a wee one.

mely_kin@yahoo.co.id said...

visit to my BLOG too pls...