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Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Happy List #4

Join me as I link up with Mamarazzi for her weekend Happy List party!
Here are some of the things making me happy this weekend.

#1 - Skype!
We finally took the time to get it all set up last weekend and talk to my dad in Saudi Arabia.
It is awesome!  We do video chats for free.  It's so great to catch up LIVE!
Can't wait to get Grandma Carolyn and maybe other long distance family members set up.
I realize I am late to this party - do you Skype?

#2 - Addictive Book Series

Speaking of being late to the party, I know I am very, very late to the Twilight party.  Incredulous friends quickly loaned me the books when I said I finally was ready to read them. 
Honestly though, I like coming in a little late so I don't have to wait for the next one in the series to come out.  It's awesome to have all 4 books next to my bed waiting for me.

I did the same with Harry Potter.  I finished #6 about 3 days before the 7th book came out.  I don't know how people do it, getting to a cliffhanger and then having to wait MONTHS until the next book is published.  I'm enjoying Twilight.  So far, I'm Team Edward all the way.
(And don't forget about our "What We're Reading" Linky Party here on September 20th!)

#3 - Really Good Friends
Thomas has the nicest group of friends.  I'm seeing that 6th graders are split into two camps.  Those with older siblings are way savvier than those who are the oldest.  Thomas hangs with a group of smarty kids who are naive and sweet and would much rather play with Legos than think about girls.  I love that.  I'm thrilled to have them hold onto that innocence for as long as they want to. 

#4 - Really Good Teachers
I can't say enough about our 2 teachers this year. 
They are not only really good people, but they are great educators. 
They challenge the kids to the point where the boys think they can't possibly learn it all and then they do. 
They are tough and hold the kids accountable, but are also understanding and encouraging. 
Thomas has a confidence in 6th grade that he hasn't always had.  He seems to really be on top of everything and that is awesome to see. 
Brennan is in a very challenging class and he's amazing me. 
I give credit to the boys, but I give a huge amount of thanks to their teachers because they're enabling the kids to reach higher and are proud of them when they get there.

#5 - Chick Flick Movie Club
I organize a group of friends (men too) to see the latest chick flick when it comes out.
It's so much fun to see movies with friends. 
We usually have 6 or so at any given movie.  At The Help we had 20! 
I've seen some dud movies this year with the Chick Flick Club, but have seen some good ones too.

Have a happy weekend!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Great Happy List! How about reading The Mortal Instruments series next!?!?!?!? You will *love* it....

dddiva said...

Love your list. I'm a Nora Robert's fan and put off reading most of her trilogies til they are complete for just that reason. I'm on the twenty-somethingth J.D.Robb book (Nora's futuristic series- REALLY GOOD). We also do that with tv show marathons.

Mycroft said...

good blog posting, an interesting read)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Skype is very important to me as it enables me to see my lovely daughters, when we chat one in UK and one in HK.