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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Catching Up

I just downloaded photos from my camera and phone for the first time in a couple of weeks to share on the blog.

I had a great time celebrating my birthday last week and over the weekend.
I'll share some photos soon!

Today we are taking the boys and friends to see the 3D Star Wars movie and out to lunch for a little family Valentine's Day celebration.

Over Super Bowl weekend the boys and I did some fun things around town.

Downtown Fun

Each of the NFL teams had an Indy car designed for the weekend.
The St. Louis Ram's car was on display in our town for the 2 week festivities and we stopped by to see it.

Of course, no stop at the Commons would be complete without time to play in the playground area!

Laser Lights
Also in honor of the Super Bowl festivities, one of our high schools was hosting laser light shows in their planetarium.  I surprised the boys after dinner.

The one I took them to was called "Summer Jam" and had a lot of Beach Boys and other fun music.
We loved it.

iPhone photos by Thomas

Brennan took David back the next night for the Led Zepplin show. 
I'm sure Brennan has no idea who Led Zepplin is, but they had a good time.

Super Bowl Sunday!

We had a FANTASTIC time at a friend's Super Bowl party on Sunday night. 
It was so much fun to catch up with friends, meet a few new people, and let the kids enjoy the game and just playing together. 
No photos, but we had a really good time - thank you to Tricia for hosting!!
We stayed through the Half-Time show then headed home for bed. 
I wish the Super Bowl was on a Saturday night!  It starts too late on Sunday for kids and me!

Braving the Ravine
There is a huge ravine behind our house. 
We moved in when the boys were 3 and 4 years old and we always taught them not to go back in the woods because they could get hurt.  It's a steep drop directly behind the house.

This was sage advice back in the day (especially because Brennan was a wanderer who was known to take off).
Thomas had a friend (a serious Boy Scout) over the other day and it was gorgeous outside. 
He suggested they go check out the ravine.  My heart stopped.  David was at the gym.  What to do?
Poor Nathan looked at me like I'd lost my mind. 
I said OK but they had to stick together and Thomas had to take his cell phone. 
Thomas was seriously concerned about this idea but they took off.

And had a BLAST! 
They explored the entire length of the neighborhood, coming back repeatedly for new supplies to take with them. 
Several days this week they also went out to the ravine after school, coming back muddy, cold, and very very happy.
It's like a new playground has been built just for them!

Great Cleaning Tip!

Because of the first ravine trip (in their good tennis shoes), I got to use a tip I saw on Pinterest for drying wet tennis shoes without all the noise. 
I had to tape them down because to hold them in place, but it pretty well worked! 
Now we go to the ravine in our snow boots - since they're not getting any use this year for snow (it's been unbelievably mild this winter).

I got bangs last month for the first time in 10 years.  I really like them!  Here I am on my birthday, going out to lunch with a friend.

Cool App
Thomas and I discovered the Candy Hearts iPhone app and we've been having fun with it.

I made this one for my girlfriend whose son is in Brennan's class.  One week they had an unbelievable amount of homework (above and beyond the usual unbelievable amount).  Thomas liked this one as well.

Thomas made this one for me when we were at my birthday dinner the other night.  He's very sneaky and can get my phone/ipad/ipod away from me without my noticing.  He has a future as a pickpocket.

I responded...

His follow up...

Brennan wanted to get in on the fun.  Here was his candygram to me...
Ah, Brennan.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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