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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Fun and Emma Rose!

It's been a really busy weekend, full of fun fun fun.
I have a feeling my boys are going to be exhausted this afternoon, a sure sign of a life well-spent!

We attended Thomas's first tennis tourney on Friday night.

We were really proud of him and loved being up in the gallery cheering him on (quietly of course).
He was nervous on the drive over, but once he got down on the courts, he was fine.
This was the first time he'd ever played a match - we weren't sure he knew all the rules, but he did!

While he didn't win the best 2 out of 3 sets, he did advance to play again Saturday night, but he had to forfeit - he had another event Saturday and Sunday that conflicted.  We'll plan better next time there's a tourney at the racquet club!

The Youth Group had church had a lock-in last night and I'm anxious to get to church this morning to see how Thomas is doing. 
We also hosted a Sweetheart Dinner for couples and friends at the church, with the Youth cooking, serving, and cleaning up.  The High School Jazz Band played and the money raised will go to the Youth mission trips this summer. 

Thomas was a server and wore black dress pants and a white dress shirt. 
He did a fantastic job!  A lot of work went into the event and I'm glad they are relaxing now, enjoying the lock-in.

I remember lock-ins at church growing up.  They're so much fun and I'm so glad Thomas gets to experience that kind of camaraderie with his friends at church.  They were going to IHOP at 1 a.m. and watching a movie at 3 a.m.  I did not volunteer to chaperon.  I would never make it.

Instead we went with friends to visit a new baby late last night!
Our friends Dave and Rosann adopted baby Emma Rose this week.
She is absolutely gorgeous!

Mary and me "fighting" over holding Emma.

Oh, we love babies!
Emma is the 5th baby we've gotten to meet in the last two years.
They've all been girls.  Emma broke the trend with her name starting with a vowel, but not with an A.
Girls and vowel names are really popular these days and I love it!

I went to the coolest grocery store ever on Friday with Mary, over in Cincinnati.
It's called Jungle Jim's and is only in Cincinnati.
Every grain, vegetable, root, specialty item, and regular grocery item I had on my long, long list was there!  I was so excited to finally go.  Mary was a blast to travel with of course.

They have a huge international section - I mean huge.

Changing up my diet recently has opened me up to so many new foods.
Their produce section just amazed me.

I had no idea that this was how Brussels sprouts grew!
I guess I thought they grew like cabbages or something.

Thomas and Brennan cracked up the first time they saw carrots like these in the grocery store.  It's usually only around Easter time.  They thought carrots with the long greens on top were just in cartoons I guess.

While I won't get to visit with a friend in Indy later today, it feels like we took full advantage of this weekend and will need the afternoon to recover!


Paula said...

Sound like you had a busy but fun weekend!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am worn out just reading your post, Bonnie! You had a jam-packed weekend, my friend. Emma is so cute! What a blessings she is to her new family.

Ricki Jill