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Friday, February 3, 2012


Honestly, we're not huge NFL fans.
David (and most people in my family) are HUGE college football fans, especially the SEC.
But the Superbowl is in Indianapolis this weekend and we're caught up in the fun!
Seriously, when will we be this close to the Superbowl again???!!!

It makes me really proud to see how Indy has pulled out all the stops.
Yesterday after school Thomas and I headed to Indy to visit Super Bowl Village and the NFL Experience. 
Brennan's had an upset stomach so he and David chose to stay behind. 
Thomas and I had a lot of fun, and I would love to go back but the crowds are already getting insane.

Warning - many photos to follow!

The new(ish) stadium is fantastic.  We had a great time there when we saw the Colts play earlier this fall.

The new Marriott has definitely gotten in on the fun.

Indianapolis is the Circle City.  Here's the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Monument Circle.

And there's Thomas! 

We had tickets to visit the NFL Experience inside the Convention Center before exploring the outdoor Super Bowl Village.

The countdown was cool to see.

The NFL Experience is like a huge interactive museum in a way.
Great for kids, and all NFL fans.

They had a display for each NFL team, and plenty (PLENTY) of photo opportunities!

And tons of athletic challenges.
Thomas (much like his brother and dad) is not one for standing in lines.
We didn't get in lines for any of the challenges but we had fun watching them.

We watched part of this live broadcast from inside the NFL Experience, which was really cool.

Two ladies were lacing up brand new footballs for practices and the big game.

Again, we could have waited in line to get up close and person to the Vince Lombardi trophy, but we snapped this photo from afar instead. 

A display of all the previous 45 Super Bowl rings.

A football chandelier

The convention center was transformed.

Displays on the history of professional football from 1910+.

We then headed outside to Super Bowl Village - a free multiple-street party.
I had no idea there was this much leading up to the big game.

Overhead you see the 4 line zip line coming down one of the main avenues.

It was HIGH and LONG.
Thomas would have done it (just a 22 minute wait!) but he was too young.

They zip line right overhead as you're walking through the Village.

The team Indy cars were on display.
The St. Louis Rams car is on display in our town.
We need to head over and see it this weekend.

ABC Affiliate WRTV6 was broadcasting when we walked by.
There's Sports Team Leader Kevin Gregory!

We saw 2 stages set up (I think there are more) and concerts going all weekend.

Thomas was starved.  He chose Hooters for dinner.
He had never been to one (of course) and I wasn't sure kids were allowed in (they were).
We didn't have to wait for a table and we were a block from the parking garage so I agreed.
He was completely pink every time a server (in her short shorts and tight top) walked by.

Here he has no idea what he's gotten himself into by choosing Hooters...

Below are photos that have been shared all over Facebook.
They all come from Scottys Brewhouse and I thank them for the cool photos.

Monument Circle at night - so cool!

Jimmy Fallon doing a spoof "Real Housewives of Indianapolis" for his show that's airing all week and weekend in Indy.

Monument Circle

Up close of the Zip line

Monument Circle, Indy Cars, and the Super Bowl!

We're attending a little party with friends on Sunday to watch (part of) the big game.
It's been an exciting last couple of weeks in Indiana!

1 comment:

Ginger Zuck said...

Oh how fun Bonnie. I too am not a NFL fan, go SEC, but it is hard not to get a little excited when the host is so close. Looks like you all had fun and I do think Indy is doing a great job hosting! Lots of hoop la!! Glad you all got to go.